lately , I took over a big screen project , From preliminary research requirements to prototype design to model development , It took me more than half a month . In the process , I also stepped on a lot of holes , I deeply feel that developing large screen projects is not easy ( Leadership is too demanding ), I also take this opportunity to share with you the large screen visualization templates I collected before , For your reference , It also discusses the pit that is easy to step on in the development of large screen .

I know Ali's datav It is a product that has existed for several years , But nothing has happened in recent years . Although it is related to Aliyun binding , But it is not very useful in practical terms , Also 3D The effect is OK :


Development tools like this , There are two types: open source and non open source , Visual large screen can be developed basically .

among , Open source tools may be programmers and IT People's favorite , Echarts and grafana Be used more frequently , But remember my words : There is no real open source , Because subsequent maintenance requires a lot of energy .

If the boss really wants to make a big visual screen , And want to do well , Then you can try using data visualization tools FineReport
, You don't need to know the code , Because its logic is very simple , Very friendly to people who have no programming foundation . 

in addition , The same large screen can easily integrate from multiple business systems ( for example ERP / OA / MES) Data , Break the data island , The operation process is shown below :



in addition , He can not only do some large visual screens , Visual reports can also do well :



Be sure to investigate requirements before development

Whether developing large screens or just making small reports , Preliminary needs studies are very important , When we need a large visual screen , We can start from “ Why? ”,“ who ”,“ Where ”,“ what ” Clarify requirements from an equal perspective .


Dynamic effect selection

FineReport The chart effect is also great , There are many 3D Special effects components and charts , This time we will 3D Scene map component for large screen , Let's see the effect :


But what I need to mention here is , Use caution when using dynamic effects , Don't overdo it ,1-2 Two dynamic effects can give people the finishing touch , However, excessive use of dynamic effects can easily confuse readers , And make the viewer uncomfortable .

Large screen typesetting design

Large screen should first serve the business , Let business indicators and data show reasonably . Because it often shows the overall business of an enterprise , It is generally divided into two levels: primary indicators and secondary indicators , Main indicators reflect core business , Secondary indicators are used to further elaborate the analysis .


Large screen template demo share

last , I brought you 20 Multiple large screen templates and dynamic presentations demo, Whether it's digital transformation , Industrial Internet , Transportation , Retail and healthcare , Can definitely use them .



















These tools and templates are really great , Look directly below !

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