## Starting point of code path

<> Personal profile

------- I am a sophomore in information and computing science of Xi'an University of technology , Because I think college life is too boring , The future is getting more and more confused , I began to think about my future .

------- Reason itself is very interested in computers , After the college entrance examination, he also got his wish and reported to the information technology major , I thought it would be in the future , After freshman year, I found that it was the future “ Deceive ”, Because we belong to the mathematics department , The basic courses of freshman are all mathematics , Mathematical analysis higher algebra discrete mathematics complex variable function … Wait, a series of mind blowing math classes made me start to be a jerk , The only thing that interests me in the tedious basic course is the basis of programming that the whole school has to learn (C language ), This course is like a light in the vast sea , Full of expectation, I began a vigorous c Language learning .

------- But ideals are always the opposite of reality , The teacher speaks fast , I feel like I've said everything , But I don't understand anything , The preceding definition is a circular array , With interest, check materials after class, read books and study by yourself , I can barely keep up with the teacher , Pointer reached , Array pointer , Just send me away , A small problem , Often for an hour or two , There are many other courses , Gradually, the heat in my heart was quenched by the heavy basic courses , That's it. , I got into my freshman semester ,C The language course is over , Then opened java Data structure , Still self-study with interest , But it is completely inconsistent with the teacher's rhythm in class , Learning intermittently , Gradually began to be confused …

------- I'm a sophomore in a twinkling of an eye , Students who take the postgraduate entrance examination prepare for the postgraduate entrance examination , I always think I should do something , But I can't start ,IT This kind of thing really needs to calm down to study systematically , You don't learn what you think , Can't understand the bottom things , On this road is doomed to go not far
. I knew it as soon as my freshman year began csdn Yes , I often check things here , But I never thought I could write a blog . This is even my first blog , It's also some changes made this semester , Next, we will start the systematic learning from scratch , Update learning notes from time to time
--------- Everything is difficult at the beginning , But not the beginning , There will never be a future ( I'll dry this bowl of chicken soup first )

<> Programming objectives

“ Involution ” It has become more and more serious , I'm nothing from double non college , Only more efforts to make up for the shortcomings of their school , I hope to write complete and usable software one day , Be able to get a big factory internship in the summer vacation of junior year ( A thousand mile trip begins with one step. , awesome )

<> How are you going to learn programming

----------CSDN It is a good learning platform , There are systematic learning ideas given by leaders , There are also many learning experiences and learning notes for reference
---------- Reading is still the most stable and solid learning method
---------- Use blog to record learning experience , Blogging is also a summary of knowledge
---------- Programming lies in more practice , Take advantage of this summer vacation , You can knock the code well for practical training , Although there will be endless mistakes waiting for me , But we have to take that step after all , To change
---------- as everyone knows b Station is the largest learning website 233333333
---------- Brush questions brush questions brush questions ! Practice is the only criterion for testing truth

---------- Communicating and learning with Daniel often get twice the result with half the effort , Communicating with more people can really avoid detours ( Often be a tabloid mistake to break the mentality , There are also some logical errors that do not report errors , You can't do it without someone who understands )

<> Plan weekly study time

Because sophomore still has classes , It's almost the end of the term , There are still six levels to prepare , Two hours a day , You can spend a lot of time grinding code during the summer vacation

<> Most want to enter IT company

Dreams always have to be ha ha ha ha yue Yes

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