<> one , preface

There have been many beginners recently python My friend asked me python How much do you have to learn to get a job ?

Some school friends also asked , As a non undergraduate or college student , Their school is Python
Teaching as a main language , But through his own understanding , find Python Although widely used , But the requirements for academic qualifications seem to be relatively high , Similar to artificial intelligence , Data mining and analysis are needed 985/211 Bachelor's degree or even master's degree .

Although there are some reptiles ,Web Background development work , But the magnitude of market demand is the same Java comparison , It's still quite different , So he felt to study Java It may be easier to get employed , But I wonder if I should study wholeheartedly
Java, The school curriculum is becoming more and more heavy , And learn Java Feel equal to from 0 start , It will take a lot of energy ! I don't know how to make a choice !

<> two , analysis

in my opinion ,python Just a language ! In other words, it's just a tool !

You won't have to start over just because you learn this tool and then use the same type of tool !

So I suggest that either python still java, Don't hesitate, but continue to learn !

When you're almost done learning, you'll find , You can learn another language quickly !

I learn python I learned it before c#, I learned it later python, Later, I learned some front-end technology stacks , Started full stack development !

The hardest process of learning is learning c# When , Slowly learn other languages after work, but you can easily start to enter the development stage in three or two days !

What matters is not whether you can speak a language , But you are learning , Have you improved your logical thinking ability and learning ability in the process of using this language . This is the most precious asset !

The upgrading of Internet technology is extremely rapid , There is no such thing as sticking to a language and being able to make great achievements !

Good at learning , analysis , reflection , Only with stronger adaptability can we move forward step by step !

In addition, suggestions for young partners who have just started or intend to start , I'm different .

from 0 Start learning IT, How to get employment quickly ?

Directly speaking, it is from 0 The beginning is learning python Or learn JAVA Faster employment !

In fact, this is a very realistic problem , What you learn is whether the market needs it or not , Are there any employment prospects !

Of course, some friends might say : No matter what language , As long as you learn well, you don't have to worry about not finding a job !

But what about the actual situation , Maybe not ! Here are some of my views :

One point you have to admit is :

Choice is more important than effort !!!

python of In fact, there are many directions for the combination of application scenarios and market demand , There are mainly the following 6 individual :

artificial intelligence
Data mining analysis
Python Web development
automated testing , Interface test
Linux Operation and maintenance

But from some hard indicators and market demand, we can analyze them one by one , It seems that only Web Development and automated testing , Interface testing is most important python Directions that engineers can choose !

1. artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is Python application , And even the current situation of the whole industry !

However, this position requires very high academic qualifications , Very cruel !

You can browse the recruitment website , Will find , There are not many posts in this field , But wages are awesome. , work 2 year + of , First tier cities are 18K-40K between !

however , The educational requirements in the recruitment information are basically master's degree , No more 211/985 universities and colleges !

That's it , Most students will be rejected !

therefore , If your education is not particularly excellent , But they study artificial intelligence for employment , I suggest you be careful !!!

2. Data analysis and mining

Ordinary small companies , For example, the company where I worked as an intern , There is no need for data analysis , Because the focus is on products , How to quickly develop products and put them online , Let users use it is the key !

Even in order to get the product online as soon as possible , Recruit some junior and even interns to make products , The code is full of holes !

Another point is , The number of users of the product is small , Less data , Data has no value at all !

That means , There is no need for data analysis and mining analysts !

So look , There will be relatively few posts of data analysis engineer , After all, there are only a few companies with big data , And education also has certain requirements .

But to be honest , The salary of this position is awesome. , The development prospect is good . If you have strong learning ability , If the hard index passes the test , Can try !

High salary , The usual reason is that demand exceeds supply , In other words, there are many posts , But there are few talents !

But the reality is , Few posts for data analysis , Fewer qualified talents . In the company, it's just repetitive SQL,Excel Data analysts with basic tools such as can easily be replaced by automated tools , It's heartbreaking again !
Some colleges and Universities Python
Words taught as the main language , I'm sure it's not running in these two directions ( artificial intelligence , Machine learning and data analysis ) Yes . The first reason is the issue of academic qualifications , The second reason is that teachers may not be able to teach well , Not to mention whether students can learn .

3. Reptile

With the rapid development of network , The world wide web has become the carrier of a large amount of information , How to effectively extract and use this information has become a great challenge .

So the reptile was born !

Reptiles are a hot topic in recent years , use python Reptiles are even more popular !

Even I have made some crawler tools to share or meet some of my work needs !

What is a reptile ?

Maybe some students who are not programmers don't know , Encyclopedia explanation :“ Reptile , Also known as web spider , According to certain rules , A program or script that automatically captures Internet information .”

In the context of knowledge payment , This reptile is a little troublesome !

A lot of information is not allowed to crawl and use , And now many platforms are doing anti climbing , And do better and better , To some extent, this is a bit “ The devil is a foot high and the road is a foot high ” Meaning of .

therefore , It's not easy for reptile engineers .

And it smells like a gray industry , Wander inside and outside !

4.Web development

use Python do Web Although not many large Internet companies have been developed , But there are also several , such as : Know , Watercress , Dr. Chunyu, etc . All python Developed as a background service .

But even so , take Java Come and Python By comparison ,Java Obviously Web
Great advantages in development . Whether from the technical framework , Or performance , And the application scale and market demand , Under the same conditions ,Java
Engineers are obviously more popular !

Many training institutions praised it Python stay Web It has great advantages in development , High development efficiency , Fast speed .
Actually, I think it's because Python The syntax is simple , Easy to teach —— That's the main reason !

But if it's a small company , Used by companies with small business volume python As the background development, the efficiency will be improved a lot !python of django
flask And the recent fire fastapi Can quickly meet the needs of business development !

I'm using it myself django and restframework Do some project products under the separation of front and rear ends .

I just want to say , Really fragrant !!!

5. automated testing , Interface test ,

I believe all my friends know , With the development and progress of software testing industry, automated testing has become inevitable .

In the increasingly competitive market environment, it is also a sharp weapon for your promotion and salary increase !

python Automated testing is still widely used , Compared with artificial intelligence and data mining , It's still not much different , A more important reason is that the requirements for academic qualifications are not so strict !

Most companies use the Internet python The reason for automation is also because its syntax is very simple and easy to understand , There are also many excellent built-in or third-party libraries to improve automated scripts , Development efficiency of interface test script , for example :selenium,requests,pytest,openpyxl etc .

Basically, the application scenarios you need have corresponding libraries to meet your needs !

This is also one of the employment directions I most recommend to you . And in the first tier cities, the salary reaches 20K+ The above is not a difficult thing !

6.Linux Operation and maintenance

In the current environment ,Linux Operation and maintenance is necessary and must be mastered Python language , It can meet Linux Work requirements of operation and maintenance engineers to improve efficiency .

but python For operation and maintenance engineers , Not the main technology stack !

understand Linux,apache,tomcat,jboss,nginx Working principle and application of the system , cooked SHELL,PYTHON,PERL And other scripting programming tools and virtual machines , Is the more needed technology stack !

therefore , If you plan to do o & M ,python Help in promotion and salary increase , But it is not a sharp weapon that can let you enter the industry !

<> three , summary

These are my personal views , For reference only !

Then again , If you are still a novice or intend to get started , Then here's my suggestion :

if , Some of my friends have very strong academic qualifications , Learning ability is also very strong , Then choose artificial intelligence , machine learning , Data analysis , I think the future is bright .

Can make money , The treatment is good , It can't be replaced , Not learn Python Absolute loss !

if , Some readers have average educational background , Being a programmer is just to make a living , Then I think I can Python Learn as a second language , Don't be the master language .

You can also choose to do automation , Testing of interface methods , I think it's also very good ! Get some reptiles in range , Do some application development , tool , It's also very good !

moreover Python The language itself is excellent , Otherwise use python Engage in artificial intelligence , And data analysis why so many ?

Another most important point :

<> More than life , More than learning !! If you are content with the status quo, you will die of happiness !!

<> Share here for the time being , Little friends like it , Collection , Comments are my greatest support !!

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