macOS Latest version of Big
Sur With many new features and improvements , Most of us want to install it as soon as possible . in the majority of cases , Everything will be normal , So we can start and run quickly . however , Sometimes it doesn't work properly , And you will see a message , Indicates that cannot be completed macOS install . What do you do ?

macOS Big Sur Why not install ?

There are several possible reasons :

* Yours Mac I won't support it Big Sur
* Unable to download updates
* You do not have enough disk space
* There is a conflict with your system , Unable to complete the process
Check your Mac Compatible

This is Apple Support installation Big Sur of Mac list . If your Mac Not installed on Mac upper , It is unlikely to run Big Sur.

* whatever Mac Pro or iMac Pro
* MacBook Pro and MacBook Air 2013 And later
* iMac and Mac mini 2014 And later
* MacBook 2015 And later
If macOS Big Sur What if the download gets stuck

* stay Apple of “ system state ” View information on the page Apple Information about possible server problems on the server side .
* Check your Internet connection .
* If your first attempt was through a software update , Please try from Mac App Store Download it . If your first attempt was at App Store in , Please try a software update .
If you see a message , Inform you that you cannot install macOS or Big Sur Stuck on the progress bar , Please try the following .

use CleanMyMac X free disk space

You need about 16GB To upgrade to macOS Big
Sur. however , Even if you have more space ,Mac It will also tell you that you cannot upgrade , Because it thinks you don't have enough free space . This can happen for a variety of reasons . The simplest solution is to free up more space . The best way is to use CleanMyMacX.

The application can eliminate congestion Mac Junk file , This makes it very easy and fast to release data GB Space of . It can also be used to uninstall applications , Identify large and old files , Describes the file that occupies the largest space , Can even protect Mac Protection from malware . This is a way to use it to quickly free up space .


* Scan by .
* Press run to delete CleanMyMac All junk files found , Or click “ View details ” For more information .
You can see from the screenshot , I saved money in just a few minutes 10GB Disk space .

Optimize your storage

perhaps , You can also use Apple The built-in storage management tool frees up some storage space .

* Click the apple menu , Then select about this computer .
* Select storage .
* By management .
* View suggestions , And follow the relevant recommendations .
* Browse through each section in turn , OK, and then delete files that take up a lot of disk space , For example, the old one iOS backups .
* After completion , Press Command-Q sign out .
Try installing in safe mode macOS Big Sur

Sometimes , stay Mac Startup agent loaded at startup , Login or extension , Installing a new version of macOS This may cause problems . To check if this is the problem , You can restart in safe mode Mac, Then try to update it to Big

* Close your Mac.
* Wait ten seconds , Then press the power button .
* Mac After startup , Please press Shift.
* notice Apple Logo time , release Shift key .
Yours Mac Unable to update to Big Sur There are many reasons . Fortunately , Most of them can be repaired .

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