Writing about cherry trees

Introduction : Cherry trees are small deciduous trees , Early cherry is common in China , Prunus lannesiana , Prunus nutans , Yunnan cherry and other varieties , Late cherry is widely used in domestic planting and landscaping . Here is a composition about cherry tree that Xiaobian brought to you
, Welcome to read .

Chapter one : Writing about cherry trees

There are many cherry trees on both sides of our downstairs Road . I woke up on Saturday morning , Standing in front of the window, I saw a cherry tree full of pink flowers , One by one small and exquisite flowers and bones are hanging in front of us .

Today is Monday , The first thing to wake up in the morning is to lie on the window and look at the cherry trees . ah ! Cherry trees are already covered with pink flowers , It's a very light pink , Elegant and simple . I went downstairs to the cherry tree and sniffed the flowers , A faint fragrance came to my nose , The smell is not as strong as lily , It's not as sweet as osmanthus .

From a distance , Cherry blossoms all over the tree , One layer at a time , It's like a sea of clouds ; Red under the sun , Colorful streamer . Some cherry blossoms have been released , Like Chang'e in a plain skirt , Standing in the spring breeze ; The breeze blows by , It's like dancing . Some are in bud , Like a shy little girl , There is a cluster of red on the tip of the bud , Like a girl's red lips . Some of them are about to burst , It's like a chicken that hasn't completely hatched yet , Only half of them have been found “ Little head ”; Sometimes there are butterflies on it , That's interesting ! Cherry leaves are also rolling on the transparent dew , It's like the crystal clear pearls falling on the jade plate , It's beautiful !

The cherry blossom has opened, which brings people exciting and joyful Spring news , I like the beautiful cherry trees .

Chapter 2 : Writing about cherry trees

Cold in spring , The warmth of spring has been driven away . The sun didn't seem to stick out its head for a long time , It's so gloomy all day , It's as uncomfortable as a stone in my heart .

I didn't follow the rules from the 13 The road on the right of Jiao goes straight back to Nanyuan . I took the road to the library . I want to see those cherry trees . I Know , It's not in full bloom yet , I just want to see it .

The camphor trees on the roadside didn't lose some spirit because of the cold , Still tall and straight, retaining the original green , The rain these days makes it look more green . On the way back and forth of the figure all in a hurry : looking down , Walking in a hurry with a book in hand . I don't want to be so honest , Occasionally, I still stick my head out , Search left and right , See if there's anything unexpected . But there will always be disappointment . finally , The protruding head hides back to the neckline . because , My eyes in the Misty drizzle has been blurred .

It's noon , natural , Driven by hunger, almost every gentleman like young man no longer cares about his image . The canteen is already overcrowded , A group of anxious people in the crooked line opened their eager mouths , I'm satisfied with all this , Get used to this kind of life , I feel that life is rich and colorful . The only thing that bothers me is that : There was no shouting ! And it's been like nothing for three years ! It's a disappointment to me . How many times , I'm going to write qing wish , But they were delayed or prevented for some reason . I've seen people of a graduation age …… It seems that only those who are willing to continue to work hard . Soon , I added a white and fragrant rice to my bowl . I controlled my strong appetite , Avoid the crowd , He left a mouthful of saliva . Food is always the biggest problem for me : Because it directly determines whether I can solve the problem of being single as soon as possible . Maybe you don't think so , take it easy , Listen to me : The quality of the food determines whether I can have a good meal , Only when you eat well will you have spirit , Will be refreshed , Talent and beauty are revealed . That's what it means : Not enough food, not enough strength .

Just find a space , eat like wolves and tigers . not so bad , Thanks to the quick response —— I almost bit my finger .

Because I run to the canteen faster , Nature suffers less from crowding . Wipe your mouth , I'm humming , If you can think of it as a song , I will feel a great honor . The sky seems a little bright white , It's going to clear up ? indifferent , There is nothing good or bad , It's up to you to get used to it . Come to the south gate , I saw the cherry tree : It's still dry , There was no sign of life . In the surrounding green background, it is particularly abrupt . I stopped , Slowly close . I think there is a repulsive force in it , I dare not move forward . for nothing , Stand beside it , Silent gaze . Remember , I wrote a poem for it last year , I don't know if it's perceptive , Are you satisfied with my description ? I dare not go into it , Because I don't know how to face its dissatisfaction . therefore , I'll take it for granted . So I just stand still .

Another year , Maybe I will leave here in half a year . I don't know when I will come back , Look at you !

The memory of entering the school gate for the first time is still deep in my mind , That's osmanthus . The fragrance of flowers intoxicated my restless heart . I started to get used to it , I began to find that the season with the fragrance of flowers is also so beautiful . The original impulse is still dormant in the bottom of my heart , Every once in a while . Or will it attack the half aged but unfamiliar mind . Over a freshman year in swing . Remember , At that time, cherry blossoms were blooming all over the place . I pass you gently , But ignore your existence . Because it wasn't cold that season , Warmth is with me , Let me feel the beauty of spring . later , You're down . The petals melt into the earth , The branches and leaves are growing slowly . Short beauty, but you never leave .

I came forward , He held out his hand , I want to touch its rough skin . inadvertently , What's good . It's just a black tree trunk in front of me , No green buds, no petals . But it will still open , Or will it grow . And it will be more and more prosperous . It won't open two more days just because I care about it , And I won't be black just because I ignore it . I use my feet to make a small nest at the root of the tree , Pull out a hair and put it on it —— It's polluting the environment .

It's cold , It doesn't mean spring at all . I looked around , It's long gone . I tucked the book in , Hem and haw ran all the way back to the dormitory .

Chapter three : Writing about cherry trees

Rain falls , Cherry blossoms scattered all over the floor

Qing Yan picked up a pink cherry , Smiling vaguely , The legend of cherry tree 700 word . It is said that under the cherry tree is the place where lovers meet , She just fell in love , Will heaven care for her ?

“ The cherry blossoms are falling ” A young man with elegant demeanor , The route of sunshine , Shining in the eyes .

Talk and sneer , Is it time ? Then play , ha-ha . Play with the boy , It's like how that teenager played with her .

“ Do you like cherry blossom ” The boy came over , Take a serious look at the girl in front of you .

“ Compared with cherry blossom , I believe in love at first sight ” He was smiling vaguely , Luring teenagers into the abyss . Actually, it's beautiful , It's just that he's blind .

“ Is it? ” The boy laughed like a spring breeze , Rabbi seduces , Teenagers are better .

I don't want to talk too much to the fool in front of me , Turn around and leave . Looking back , A sneer .“ I hate cherry blossoms ” Heartless words , Because of being hurt too deeply .

“ Oh ~” The boy looked at the girl who had gone away , Evoke a mysterious smile .

The rain stopped , Cherry blossoms everywhere , Safe as ever .

Two hearts , But they became close to each other .

Ancient saying , Under the cherry tree , It's where true love is born .

“ word , I like you! ” The boy looks at the girl , His face was filled with joy and expectation .

“ Maple , I like you, too ” Qing Yan looked at the young man under the cherry tree that year , She believes in fairy tales ,700 Word composition 《 The legend of cherry tree 700 word 》.

“ Do you like cherry blossom ” Maple vaguely looking at Qingyan .

Two years have passed , He said he would marry her . Who knows , The real bride is already at home .

He is a rich young master , She is an ordinary girl , He and she , It's not right that the door is not in charge .

She doesn't believe in fairy tales ! It's all deceitful .

“ I hate cherry blossoms ” At his wedding , She appeared at the guest table , Not by his side .

Ancient saying , Under the cherry tree , It's where true love is born .

Ten years later , She had her own bridegroom , But not under the cherry tree .

Ten years later , He and his bride live happily . But not her .

He and she used to believe in fairy tales .

They are also people who are cheated by fairy tales .

Ten years later , Under the cherry tree , They meet again .

“ Do you like cherry blossom ”

She no longer chose to escape , But looking at him seriously .

“ What if I like it , What if I don't like it . Compared with cherry blossom , The birth of love needs it , And weddings only exist in the right place .”

She turned and left , Soft channel ,“ I like cherry blossom , I like this one , Has been hidden in the bottom of my heart . Enough for a lifetime , To cherish .”

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