The browser kernel can be divided into two parts : rendering engine (layout engineer perhaps Rendering Engine) and JS engine .
rendering engine It is responsible for obtaining the content of the web page (HTML,XML, Images, etc ), Organize messages ( For example, join CSS
etc. ), And how to calculate the display of web pages , It is then output to the display or printer . The syntax interpretation of web pages will be different due to different browser cores , Therefore, the rendering effect is also different .
JS engine Is parsing Javascript language , implement javascript Language to achieve the dynamic effect of web pages .

Start and render engine JS Engines are not clearly distinguished , later JS The engine is becoming more and more independent , The kernel tends to refer only to the rendering engine . A web standards project team produced a ACID
To test the compatibility and performance of the engine . There are many kinds of kernels , Add a non-commercial free kernel that few people use , There may be 10 varied , But the common browser kernel can be divided into these four types :Trident,Gecko,Blink,Webkit.

(1)Trident(IE kernel )

One of the cores of many dual core browsers in China is Trident, Call it " Compatibility mode ".

representative : IE, Maxthon , Window of the world browser ,Avant, tencent TT, Cheetah security browser ,360 Opera Portable , Baidu browser, etc .

Window10 After release ,IE Name its built-in browser Edge,Edge The most notable feature is the new kernel EdgeHTML.


Gecko(Firefox kernel ): Mozilla FireFox( Firefox browser ) Using this kernel ,Gecko
The feature of is that the code is completely open , therefore , It is highly exploitable , Programmers all over the world can write code for it , Add function . Unfortunately, it has declined in recent years , such as
Slow opening speed , Frequent upgrade , Pig like teammates flash, A god like opponent chrome.

(3) webkit(Safari)

Safari It's a browser developed by apple , The name of the browser kernel used is well-known WebKit.

Now many people mistake webkit be called chrome kernel ( even if chrome The kernel is already blink Yes ), Apple feels like someone robbed his daughter-in-law , They cried faintly and went back to the toilet .

Represents the browser : Aoyou browser 3, Apple Safari (Win/Mac/iPhone/iPad),Symbian Mobile phone browser ,Android Default browser ,

(4) Chromium/Blink(chrome)

stay Chromium R & D in the project Blink rendering engine ( Browser core ), Built in Chrome In browser .Blink Actually WebKit Branch of .

​ Most domestic browsers use the latest version Blink kernel . Secondary development

(5) Presto(Opera)

Presto( Abandoned ) It's a browser made in Norway opera Yes " former " kernel , Why " former ", Because the latest opera
Browsers have long abandoned it and put it into the arms of Google .
Know a little :
The browser kernel of the mobile terminal mainly refers to the built-in browser kernel of the system .

Android For mobile phones , The highest utilization rate is Webkit kernel , Most domestic browsers claim their own kernel , Basically belongs to webkit Secondary development .

iOS as well as WP7 On the platform , Due to system reasons , Most of the system comes with browser kernel , Generally Safari perhaps IE kernel Trident Yes



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