There were a lot of screen swiping events in the circle of friends last week , Except for one drop being investigated , A certain department also announced that it would start from 14 Salary adjustment to 16 salary , Won a lot of favor . However, in my opinion, this wave of salary increase is really insincere , even to the extent that

Why do you say that? . come , Let's look at some specific scenes first , The following is purely fictional , If it's the same, you'd better admit your bad luck .

<> Scene one : Xiao Wang passed the interview of a company , In and HR On salary

Xiao Wang : I was 20k, I hope there will be 30% The rise of , How much is your monthly salary 26k
HR: You used to be, too 14 Pay it , As you know, we're going to change it soon 16 The salary is up , So the monthly salary can only be paid to 23k, But if it's a turnkey, it's more than 30% It's over .
Xiao Wang : ok , I accept .
HR: We look forward to your joining our company .

<> Scene 2 : Xiao Wang's boss communicated with him about the year-end bonus at the end of the year after he was employed for more than a year

boss : What do you think of what you've done in the past year ?
Xiao Wang : I … I think so …
boss : okay , Your performance is not very good , And this year's overall year-end bonus is not a lot , If you're like this , I've been trying to get you two months , It's less than two months for other teams to perform as well as you .
Xiao Wang : good … ok …
boss : Don't lose heart , As long as you work hard , I will give it to you next year Change a sister-in-law z… I'll give you a promotion and a raise .

<> Scene 3 : In the promotion season, Xiao Zhang talks about salary increase with his boss through promotion

boss : Congratulations on your promotion , Good job , I'm here to talk about the salary increase .
Xiao Zhang : Thank you,boss .
boss : Look , We've moved from 14 The salary has gone up to 16 The salary is up , It's equivalent to having already 15% It's going up about 30% , So the monthly salary won't increase too much this time .
Xiao Zhang : How much does it go up ? Is it only 10% It's over , I've heard that the price has gone up in general last year 20%.
boss : This time, the increase is generally low , A lot of people have only 3%, I tried to get it for you 5%, But plus 14 reach 16 A rise in salary , There are also 20% It's over .
Xiao Zhang : Thank you for your attention .

<> Scene 4 : All staff letter in the company

Brothers , I believe you already know that we started from 14 Salary adjustment 16 Good news for your salary , So there will be no general survey this year ……
I hope you guys will continue to work hard ……

So in these scenarios ,16 Pay is not a routine to see ...

<> Year end bonus distribution

Let's take a look at a very common distribution model of year-end bonus , In actual operation, the specific proportion may change , But in a similar way :

10% Excellent employees get far 6 A month's end of year bonus .
20% Acquisition of good employees 4 Month end bonus .
40% Ordinary employees get 2 Month end bonus .
20% Poor employee access 0 Month end bonus .

For enterprises , Per capita expenditure 2.2 A month's end of year bonus . Compared with general distribution to employees 2 In terms of monthly end of year bonus , There is not much growth in the company's salary expenditure , However, it creates a competitive environment , In this competitive environment , You can choose to work hard or not , Others can choose to work hard or not , Let's look at the payoff matrix for you and others under these two strategies .

Which strategy would you choose in this situation ? Hard work and year-end bonus , No effort, nothing . Even some companies have made the last elimination system , Force the revenue of no effort strategy to negative , Competition is further intensified .

Why , Is this matrix a little familiar ? okay , This is the famous prisoner's dilemma !

<> Prisoner's dilemma

Two people were arrested for theft , The police suspect him of robbery , But there was no conclusive evidence to convict them of robbery , Unless one or both confesses . Even if neither confessed , They can also be convicted of petty theft . The suspect was separated and examined. , They are not allowed to communicate with each other , The policy is as follows : If both confessed , Everyone will be convicted of robbery plus theft 2 Five years' imprisonment ; If both people refuse to give up , Both will be sentenced to six months' imprisonment for theft ; If one person confesses and the other refuses , The Confessor is considered to have rendered meritorious service and is exempted from punishment , Those who refuse to confess will be charged with robbery , A heavy sentence for theft and resistance 5 year .

In the prisoner's dilemma , No matter the other party refuses to confess or confesses , It's always better to choose your own confession , So the ultimate beneficiary must be the rule maker ( police ). Back to work , Whether others work hard or not , Working hard is the best choice , There is no problem in essence , Since ancient times, it has been said that heaven rewards diligence . But some capitalists do it for their own benefit , Malice creates competitive environment ( Low base salary, high end of the year , End elimination system ……), Fully enhance competition , Extract the surplus value of employees .

The essence of prisoner's dilemma salary scheme is to subsidize some excellent employees with the income that some people deserve , Under this scheme , Everyone's rational strategy is to work hard , When everyone works hard and the total income remains the same , Gradually, the profit will decrease marginally , Finally, there may even be negative returns . Even to this extent , Most people are still reluctant to take a step back , So the inner scroll was born , The only way to break the inner volume is to break the rules .

Back to the East 14 Pay change 16 It's about salary , It depends on how to implement the routine , But it's certain , from 14 reach 16 salary , The implementation of routine becomes easier . However, I don't feel that a certain company really sincerely wants to raise the salary of its employees , Otherwise, your monthly salary will increase 10%
ah ……

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