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<>1. Steam train
sudo apt-get install sl sl

<>2. Did you moo today

<> Who can refuse a will moo My calf
apt-get moo

<>3. Talking calf
<> Who can refuse a talking calf sudo apt-get install cowsay

cowsay -l See the names of other animals , then -f Keep up with animal names

cowsay -f kitty "sweetie yyds"
kitty It's like this It's broken Family

<> Calf 2.0
sudo apt install xcowsay xcowsay sweetie yyds

<>4.yes command

Output endless characters , Press ctrl+c end , as
$yes sweetie yyds!
<>5. Table pet kitten

A meow star appears on the table , Follow your mouse , It sleeps when it doesn't move
It's true that it doesn't run like a cat , We need to turn this guy off , Press ctrl+c end
Commands can only be entered in the command line interface where the desktop is located , In remote ssh The interface will be displayed “oneko:Can’t open display” sudo apt-get install
oneko oneko

<>6. Big eyes

Where does your mouse move , Where would he look
You don't need to download this , Direct use , We need to turn this guy off , Press ctrl+c end

<>7. From deleting database to running sudo rm -rf /*

Never try this command easily , Especially when running a web server , Database Linux On the host , Or you're in jail
sudo: obtain root Administrator rights rm:remove, That is to delete -rf:r Represents a recursive deletion , Delete all subdirectories ,f Indicates that no further confirmation is required /:home catalogue
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