vue+element-ui inside table Component multi selection box to realize batch operation

Sometimes people are not overwhelmed by difficulties , I'm crying because I'm stupid ... When official documents are used somewhere , I feel that the understanding of this aspect will be deepened , Still need to record this place !

Details to be realized

* Click the check item in the header , There will be a full election ; Click again , It will be cancelled ;
* Each time you need to put the id Pass it on
* When switching paging , It needs memory : In other words, the original page should not disappear . Picture below :( It shows all the selected ones , Switch paging )
The first step is to add the corresponding check box

Specific reference element Example of official website
<el-table :data="tableData" ref="multipleTable" tooltip-effect="dark"
@selection-change="handleSelectionChange" v-loading="listLoading" border
style="width: 100%" @cell-dblclick="celldblclick"> <el-table-column
type="selection"></el-table-column> <el-table-column prop="id"
label=" number "></el-table-column> <el-table-column prop="nameOne"
label=" name 1"></el-table-column> <el-table-column prop="nameTwo"
label=" name 2"></el-table-column> </el-table>
Step two id In the past

This is the page layout
// Click multiple choice handleSelectionChange(val) { this.multipleSelection = val;
this.batchPassArr = [] // Each time you click, you need to clear the contents of the original array => {
// Traversing arrays , hold id Save it in a custom array this.batchPassArr.push( }) this.batchPassArr =
this.batchPassArr.join(',') },

The third step is to switch paging

It's in the meter <el-table :data="tableData" ref="multipleTable" tooltip-effect="dark"
@selection-change="handleSelectionChange" v-loading="listLoading" border
style="width: 100%" @cell-dblclick="celldblclick"></el-table> Add one
:row-key="(row)=>{ return}"
That's what it looks like <el-table :data="tableData" ref="multipleTable" :row-key="(row)=>{
return}" tooltip-effect="dark" @selection-change="handleSelectionChange"
v-loading="listLoading" border style="width: 100%"
Add one in your own
That's the one below
<el-table-column type="selection" :reserve-selection="true"></el-table-column>

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Where is the problem , More guidance

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