I told you about virtual machine VBox Installation of , I don't think so VMware Easy to use , because VMware With snapshot function , and VBox No, ;
So let's talk about it today VMware Installation of , There are many details to pay attention to , Otherwise, the installation may fail , Let's talk about it here 15.5.2 Installation of . It is not recommended to install the latest version
, Because there was a situation when I installed the latest version , It can only be opened as an administrator when starting , *** , Unable to enter the setting interface , After several versions of the trial , Discover or not 15.5.2
This is not the case with the version .

Installation of virtual machine

1. get into VMware Official website , Click download in the left navigation bar , Then click the mark in the figure Workstation Pro

2. After downloading the version , open .exe file , You can start the installation

3. The default installation location is C Under the plate , Here I choose to install in E disc , Try not to have Chinese installation path

4. Just wait for the installation

5. After successful installation , The first time you run the program, you will be asked to enter the license key , Here are a few , It's all indefinite

6. After entering the key , If successful , Then click finish , The installation was successful !

7. open VMware, Preparing to create a new virtual machine

Creation of virtual machine

1. Click on the file in the upper left corner , Select new virtual machine , The new virtual machine wizard interface appears , Choose Custom ( senior ), Click next

2. Hardware compatibility selection Workstation 15.x, Click next

3. Setup CD image file (iso), Choice and vbox same CentOS7
, The download address is on the installation site vbox I said it when I was young , choice CentOS7 The path of , The image file is then automatically detected , After detection , Click next

4. Modify virtual machine name , Modify the name yourself , In terms of location, you can choose where to put it ,2 It is better not to install all virtual machines in the same location , Click next

5. Processor configuration , choice 1 Processors , Quantity selection 6 Kernel , Click next

6. Configure the memory of the virtual machine , choice 8G All right , Click next

7. Add network , Choose to use network address translation , Click next

8. choice I/O controller , Use recommended LSI Logic, Click next

9. Virtual disk type , choice SCSI, Click next

10. Select disk , Click create new virtual disk , Click next

11. Specify disk capacity , Size is 20G, Choose to store the virtual disk as a single file , Click next

12. Specify the disk file name and location , Click next

13. Select custom hardware , Choose a sound card , Unselected connect on startup , Then click close

14. Click finish , A virtual machine is created

15. Turn on this virtual machine , Ready to install CentOS7 image , choice Install CentOS 7, click enter key

16. Wait patiently for installation , After success, a new interface will appear , choice English, Click in the lower right corner Continue

17. Then a new interface appears , find DATE &TIME, Click on it

18. Enter time zone "DATE &TIME" Behind the interface , Just write pinyin Shanghai in the upper left corner , Then click on the top left corner Done, I'll go back to the interface above , If the mouse pointer disappears , Press ctrl Just press the key

19. Return to the selection interface , Re entry SYSTE Make a choice

20. Click on the image above , Entry selection , choice 20GIB Click after Done, Return to the selection interface

21. choice NETWORK & HOST NAME, Turn on the Internet

22. Put it in the upper right corner **"OFF" Change to “ON”**, After the change, select the one in the upper left corner "Done, Re entry SYSTE Make a choice

23. Finally, select the lower right corner "Begin Installation" Just wait for the installation

24. The password setting interface will appear during installation , Password setting and confirmation are required , Click to go to settings , Better be simple , Easy to remember

25. Set the password , After confirming the password , click Done, The default account number is root
26. Waiting for installation , When finished, click the Reboot, Ready to jump to the login black window interface , Please be patient , *** , then
Enter the default account number root And the password you set .

27. *** locatname login Tips , Then start logging in , After successful login , change hostname
hostname zp

28. Start setting static IP
vi /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-ens33

29. add to ip address , Static gateway ,ip The address should be connected to the network , To change the VMnet8 Next, click to see the details
, see IPV4 address , front 3 Bit address must be the same , The last is better than the last 100,NETMASK Subnet Mask ,GATEWAY This is the default gateway

30. hold BOOTPROTO Change to static And add the following information

31. Add to virtual machine ip Mapping relationship between machine name and machine name
vi /etc/hosts zp

32. Restart the network
systemctl restart network

33. Test network connection Use Baidu website , If it appears baidu Website information of , It means that the network has been opened ,ctrl+c Shut down test network
ping www.baidu.com

34. Turn off and disable firewall
systemctl stop firewalld
systemctl disablefirewalld

This configuration is successful !

be careful

A little bit of trouble , namely VMware Set up IP Address every 3 It will change automatically in about two days , So if you don't pay attention , I'll find that I can't connect in a few days , You have to look at new ones IP What's the address , Then reset the static state IP, So it's a lot of trouble ,VMware That's not good !

Next time we will explain how to change the automatically updated external network to static , So you don't have to change it often IP It's over !

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