6 month 2 The night of the day 8 On the hour , Huawei HarmonyOS 2
The press conference was held as scheduled . Huawei consumer business CEO Yu Chengdong , Wang Chenglu, President of Huawei's consumer business software department , Huawei consumer business COO Together, He Gang announced HarmonyOS 2
New features of , At the same time, several of them have been launched HarmonyOS 2 Smart devices .

<>HarmonyOS 2

Newly released HarmonyOS 2 It's for IOT Panoramic view of the times OS, in line with “One as All,All as One”
The slogan of , It can be carried on the mobile phone at the same time , Flat , Wearable , TV and other intelligent terminals , And through the mobile phone to provide a unified control center to realize the interconnection of all things .

In terms of Applied Ecology ,HarmonyOS 2 It provides distributed programming and atomization services , Developers only need to open a development can run on a variety of terminal devices . meanwhile OS
Provides a new desktop , Small card , As well as the folder intelligent collation and other functions . More lightweight small cards are expected to replace APP This traditional form of application , At the same time, it reduces the cost of users and greatly expands the use scenarios .

in addition ,HarmonyOS 2 Mobile phone and tablet APP Seamless migration , The application in the operation , Games can be transferred to the other party's device in real time .

In terms of performance ,HarmonyOS 2 Supporting self-developed graphics stack ,CPU Can work together GPU Joint work , Avoid duplicate rendering , This makes the endurance more powerful than Android and iOS
Will be significantly improved . More powerful multi task background also put an end to the phenomenon of killing the background , When you reopen an application that has been back in the background for a long time, you can still present the state of exit

Follow me that night HarmonyOS 2 Published , There are many more that have been carried HarmonyOS 2 Smart devices

<> Huawei Watch 3

Huawei Watch
3 Streamline and surface design , have 3D Rotating crown , The case is made of stainless steel 316L stainless steel , Pure manual grinding and manufacturing . Surface use 3D Large curvature mirror design , Carrying 1.43 inch OLED screen , Brightness up to 1000nit, Resolution up to 326ppi, support 60HZ Refresh rate . Colorful watch strap and vitality , Fashion , Exclusive , Four styles for fashion .

<> Huawei MatePad Pro & M-Pencil 2

This time MatePad Pro It's the following 2019 year 11 Yuehua is the first generation MatePad Pro After the new upgrade again . Why not MatePad
Pro2 Because it is a new upgrade on the original hardware specifications .
The fuselage is built with 8 Speakers , Frequency division design is adopted . Built in fuselage 4 Microphone array , Can be in 5 Accurate pickup within 1.5 meters . The back of the fuselage has 1300 Megapixel main camera , Ultra wide angle camera and 3D Depth of field camera , Built in Huawei Unicorn 9000 Series chip , support Wi-Fi
6+, Built in battery capacity up to 10050 mah , Maximum endurance 14 hour .

<> Huawei MateView Wireless display

Huawei MateView
monitor , Its appearance design is very geometric aesthetics , The screen size is 28.2 inch ,4K+ resolving power ,500nit brightness ,10.7 Hundred million colors , The display effect is excellent . Stereo dual speakers ,Smart
Bar Hidden touch OSD, Single finger lifting / Pitch and dual microphone configuration , Can make the user's desktop more concise , You can enjoy it without connecting to other devices “ Audio visual feast ”.

<> Huawei FreeBuds 4 Wireless headset

Huawei FreeBuds
4 It is the flagship of Huawei's new generation TWS headset . Adopt a new generation of 40kHz Driver unit , Half in ear design , Support adaptive active noise reduction , It can identify the inner part of the user's ear for targeted noise reduction , The maximum noise reduction depth is 25dB. It can be realized in game mode 90 MS low latency , Support dual device connection and touch operation .

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