be based on docker Of nginx, Sometimes we hope nginx Configuration file for (conf) Read environment variables directly , This can be done in the docker outside , Through environment variables , Control runs in docker In the middle nginx service .

default.conf.template Is with environment variables nginx configuration file , hope docker After operation , It can run according to the value of environment variable .
# docker-compose.yml version: "2.3" services: test-server: container_name: test
-server image: test-server:latest ports: - "443:443" # environment variable , Save in .env In the file env_file
: - ./.env # NGINX_ENVSUBST_TEMPLATE_SUFFIX, It has to be , #
hold /opt/test-server/etc All extensions are .template File for , Replace by environment variable # Save as .template File with extension .
(default.conf.template => default.conf) # Save as , Save in the same directory environment:
NGINX_ENVSUBST_TEMPLATE_SUFFIX: ".template" volumes: - /opt/test-server/etc:
/etc/nginx/templates/- /opt/test-server/etc:/etc/nginx/conf.d - /opt/test-
such , Every start (docker-compose up -d), Will be based on default.conf.template,
After replacing environment variables , generate default.conf, Then start it again docker.

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