A good seed is small , You don't worry about farming , Because you know , Just wait for the harvest , It will grow a hundred times, a thousand times . The long and great history of Agriculture , Let people learn to be patient , From planting to harvesting , It can't be reduced , It's no use being in a hurry .


Man is formed by the division and growth of a fertilized egg , It all comes from a tiny seed . A baby is born as big as a kitten , Parents are not worried that he will always be so young , I know that he must be as tall and strong as a tree , It's just a matter of time ,10 Years later , He is a beautiful boy . In physical growth , People kept the patience of farmers .

What makes man different from plants , He also has cultural genes , This is the real difference between people . Culture is invisible , It's not in the fertilized egg , It comes from the mind , spirit , emotion , skill , Habit composition . It is inherited by tradition , Family and school education , And the completion of self-education . Whether one knows about cultural genes or not , He must be controlled by cultural genes , He doesn't have good cultural genes , There must be bad cultural genes , therefore , One must have good cultural genes , Only in this way can we become a good seed .


In terms of cultural genes , People tend to see only the end of skills , And I lost patience , Hope to reach the sky step by step . Is skill important ? Of course it matters . Top people in any field , People with the best skills , It's like Xueba , It must be the people with the highest scores . But there is no soul , spirit , Support of emotion and habit , Skills don't last , It's also hard to bring happiness to people . heart , spirit , Emotion and habit are good , Skills can get better , Even if the skill is average , This person is also happy . Good cultural genes make happiness available to everyone , As long as you have healthy living habits , yes “ one should not impose on others what he himself does not desire ” The spirit of , Have a good heart , There is love , that , No matter who you are , Academicians , Illiterate , High ranking officials , Or civilian , Beauty or not , Passers by , Or sage , It's not a human thing , You will be happy .


This is what Wang Yangming said , To be determined to work hard is like planting a tree . Good cultural genes need patience to grow up .


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