<>Java What is it?

“ second elder brother , What is it Java? Tell me about it .”

“ Third sister , That's straight to the point , Go and buy me a pack of cigarettes first , Brother, test your sincerity first .”

( Five minutes later )

“ Third sister , Why don't you go ?”

“ second elder brother , Pay for it .”

( True sister , I have to pay for a pack of cigarettes , The key is to pay for the errands . ten minutes later , The third sister bought a bag of pandas from the store downstairs and came back , I use it Zippo The lighter lit one —— What is the lighter 21
My first girlfriend gave it to me on my birthday , The quality is really good , It's still in use .)

“ Third sister , Let me explain to you slowly .”

Java Is a computer programming language , senior , robust , object-oriented , And it's very safe . It is made up of Sun Where is the company 1995 Annual development , The main force of development James Gosling, go by the name of
Java My father , This is the one in the picture below , It's very bald .

“ Third sister , Do you want to think about it again ? It's not easy to be a programmer ”

“ second elder brother , Why aren't you bald ? Is it because you're not good enough ?”

( The child , Why is your mouth so damaged ?)

Java I'm calling “Java” before , It's actually called Oak( What does oak mean , I feel like it's better than that Java It sounds better ). How do you think of it ?James Gosling
Sitting in the Office , Look out of the window , There's an oak tree in sight . however , Regretful

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