<> database —— Database user management

SQLyog Visual operation

The host address should be consistent with the time of login

SQL Command operation

System user table :mysql database >user surface

The essence of user operation is to user Table addition, deletion, modification and query
-- ================== Database user management ========================= -- Create user -- format :CREATE
USER user name IDENTIFIED BY ' password ' CREATE USER ' affair ' IDENTIFIED BY '123456' -- Delete specified user
DROP USER ' Indexes ' -- Modify current user password SET PASSWORD =PASSWORD('123456') -- Modify the specified user password --
format :SET PASSWORD FOR user name = PASSWORD(' New password ') SET PASSWORD FOR ' affair ' =PASSWORD(
'111111') -- Rename User -- format : RENAME USER Original name TO New name RENAME USER ' affair 'TO ' Indexes ' -- User authorization
ALL PRIVILEGES Full authority , Except for authorizing other users , Everything else is OK -- format :GRANT What permissions on database . surface to user GRANT ALL
PRIVILEGES ON *.*TO ' Indexes ' -- Grant full permissions to all libraries and tables -- View the permissions of the specified user SHOW GRANTS FOR ' Indexes ' --
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO ' Indexes '@ '%' ( be careful :%:localhost) -- View administrator permissions SHOW
GRANTSFOR root@localhost -- root User rights , GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO
'root'@'localhost' WITH GRANT OPTION( You can give it to someone else User authorization ) -- Revoke authority REVOKE ALL PRIVILEGES
ON *.* FROM ' Indexes '

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