If you want to do good work , We must first sharpen our tools . Before starting to learn specific knowledge , In order to improve learning efficiency , Spend some time on learning methods . The specific method is not the most important , The greatest hope can bring you some inspiration ( throw away a brick in order to get a gem ).

   What are your personal study habits , First, understand the literal meaning of the key concepts , And then through the later continuous practice and practice , Gradually deepen the understanding of the concept . for instance , Now it's about learning . For learning , What we most easily think of is to learn and learn from time to time , awfully . It can be seen from the above sentence , Learning can be divided into learning and learning , Learning English is easy to understand , Practice refers to continuous practice .
My experience is that , In constant learning and practice, we must form our own understanding .

   Then again , How can we form our own understanding ? Let's start with the conclusion , My experience is that , We must build an exclusive knowledge framework ( knowledge graph )
. Memory is the basis of understanding , But some students can't remember at all , This is because in the learning process , Treat each knowledge point as a piecemeal one after another , And ignore the relationship between knowledge points . But the connection between knowledge points is often the key to memory and understanding . But because everyone's way of thinking and knowledge reserve is not the same , So we must build the knowledge framework according to our own situation , Instead of copying what others have .

   For the students who have spare energy but are at a loss , You can take some time to understand the context of knowledge ( history )
. Why? ? The mathematician Poincare said :“ To predict the future of Mathematics , The best way is to learn the history and current situation of mathematics ”.

   Except for the above , I think the most important thing in learning is to persist in deliberate practice
. Practice deliberately , First of all, we need to divide the smallest unit , Then according to the feedback results, continuous improvement . Two points to note are , We have to train our weaknesses for a long time , In addition, in training

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