<> one , use Python Automatically send wechat messages
import itchat # enableCmdQR=True, Allow in cmd Command line display QR code # hotReload=True, Allow short-term can not need to repeat login
itchat.auto_login(enableCmdQR=True,hotReload=True) # to_name =
itchat.search_friends(name=" Wechat friends note name ") # print(to_name) # # Send text message # for i in
range(10): # itchat.send(' Under test ...',toUserName=to_name[0]['UserName']) # # # Send expression pack
# file_img = 'biaoqingbao.jpg' #
itchat.send_image(file_img,toUserName=to_name[0]['UserName']) #
search_chatrooms Get group chat list in address book update=True Will get real-time information of the group # myroom =
itchat.get_chatrooms(update=True) # print(myroom) to_room = itchat.
search_chatrooms(name=' Group chat name ') # print(to_room) for i in range(10): itchat.send(
' Text message to be sent ',toUserName=to_room[0]['UserName'])
<> two , use Python Automatic reception and Reply to wechat message , At the same time, the received files are saved automatically
from itchat.content import * # Determine the type of information received , If the message received is text , Then execute the following function @itchat.
msg_register(TEXT) def text_reply(msg): print(msg.text) reply_text = msg.text.
replace(' Is that right ?','!') # print(reply_text) return reply_text #
@itchat.msg_register([PICTURE,RECORDING,ATTACHMENT,VIDEO]) # def
download_files(msg): # print(msg) # msg.download(msg.fileName) itchat.auto_login
(enableCmdQR=True,hotReload=True) # Make sure the program is running all the time itchat.run()
<> three , After the file is modified, the modified information is sent to the designated wechat friends in real time
import os import time import xlrd import itchat itchat.auto_login(enableCmdQR=
True,hotReload=True) change_time_save = time.ctime(os.stat('aaa.xlsx').st_mtime)
while True: time.sleep(5) change_time = time.ctime(os.stat('aaa.xlsx').st_mtime)
if change_time_save == change_time: pass else: change_time_save = change_time
xlsx= xlrd.open_workbook('aaa.xlsx') table = xlsx.sheet_by_index(0) content =
str(table.cell_value(0,0)) to_name = itchat.search_friends(name=' Note name of wechat friends ')
itchat.send(content,toUserName=to_name[0]['UserName']) print(" Sent successfully ! time :" + time.
strftime("%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S",time.localtime()))

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