There is a problem ipad There are several large compressed packages in the file that need to be sent to the computer , Think upload to the network disk in the download is not beautiful , I also borrowed members ( To upload large files ), But the net disk is too much , Members in ipad More than 4g It's also not allowed in the file , There's no problem with the computer , helpless .
Then he asked Du Niang , Various answers given , After the experiment , The conclusion is that it can be transmitted through a data line connection , The computer needs to download software iTools or iTunes
, I download it with a try attitude iTools, It's connected ,( be careful , If the data cable is connected, there is no response , You can try tool point repair , Maybe it's driver support )

Everything is all set. , open iTools after , Looking for ipad File on , I can't find the compressed package file I downloaded , Only my app and photos can be seen , I ... It's been a long time , It's not done , Decisively unload .
Actually, actually , This software is ok Of ,
The point is , We are here ipad Files stored in , Be sure to use a file management software to store , Instead of using ipad Bring the file tool to save . Or connect to the computer , The software can't find the location of your files . So I'm here ipad Download a file management software documents
, Then connect to the computer , Turn on the computer iTools Software , Find this software , Then click file share , It's all settled .
Here because of the previous youth ignorance , An impulse iTools Unloaded , I'll do it iTunes. Let's talk about how to use it iTunes Operation of

open iTunes after , Connect with data cable ipad And computers , The software interface is as follows :

Click the icon circled in the red box , It's yours ipad equipment . Click file share , It will appear ipad Some software already installed in , We found the file to transfer , For example, I want to transmit documents Next package , We select the file , click
Save to ( The saved button needs to slide down the scroll wheel to be visible ), Select a location to save to your computer , And wait until it's copied , The file you want to transfer is copied to the computer .

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