It's said that the Blue Bridge Cup is full of water , Several students signed up for the provincial competition together, ready to play (Java C/C++ A B All groups have it ). What I reported was C/C++A group .

good , The provincial competition is over , First prize ... But there are only two C/C++A The students in this group are also a province , But they are all in the middle and bottom of the list .( Pity our captain made a mistake , Province two , Missed the final , One of my teammates missed the game ( I regret it afterwards , Because I'm going to Beijing after all ), Another teammate saves three ( I left after two or three courses )). And then the kids java
b group 8 Save one person ,5 people C/C++B Group province one , Finally, add the coach and a few non coaches ACM The composition of 19 Beijing tour group final team .

I didn't expect to go there for three days .

Start on Friday morning , High speed rail to Beijing .

Arrive in Beijing at noon on Friday , Arrange accommodation first ( The living conditions are average ... But the bathroom is big , And the bath , The elevator has to have a room card to use , It's very restrictive for two people to move alone ...) Then I found a place to have an expensive and bad lunch , Then go to north industry ( The test sites we were assigned to ) Took a look at the environment , I took some pictures .

In the evening after the examination 6 Around 12:00 , Then a Keng Bi Yao recommended us to Wangfujing , As a result, after a detour and thousands of meters of walking , It's no fun to find out there , The snack street seems to have been demolished . Then I went around and had a spicy pot . And then it's almost there before much shopping 9 It's time to order , The coach asked us to 11 I'll be back by 12:00 , So I had to take the subway again ( The subway is so convenient ). Just one day 2w+ step ...

When we get back to the hotel 10 spot 30 Too much , Took a shower and went straight to bed .

Saturday morning ,7 Get up and wash , I went downstairs and got a rudimentary breakfast ( A loaf of bread , A packet of breakfast milk , One gut , Too simple ). After eating, I'll share with the two C++A The students in group A took a taxi to north industry .

The game begins , Take a look A Violent search , And then I can't even write and write examples , Finally, I passed the example, but the answer is wrong ( The right answer after the game )

Take a look B It's like pressure , An hour has passed since Hu wrote , Feel unable to transfer out on the decisive give up .

C What do you mean ? Yes 10 I didn't understand it for two minutes , Jump decisively .

D, Finally, I see a problem that seems to be able to do , Let's write a violent story and run backstage , It turns out that 58 The number doesn't move .( In fact, pretreatment is needed 2^p and 2^p*3 The situation is more violent ?
Orz, Sure enough, the violence didn't come out in the end )

E topic , By hand 48, I didn't think about it 121,144,169... Actually pruning dfs that will do ( That's it. , All the multiple choice questions come to a total 0 branch , At this time, the game time has been more than half , A look at a total of ten questions ???!!!???wtf???)

F topic , Take a look BFS, I thought that I could get points at last , As a result, it has not been adjusted for more than half an hour , I just changed it and handed it in , I don't know if there are any points ...

G: At first glance, it is the maximum matching of split point bipartite graph , Unfortunately, there is no board , There was less than an hour left , Hurry up and do a random topological sorting, and hand in the sample .

H: What the hell , can't , Direct violence .15 The samples will be handed in in about minutes .

I: What the hell , can't , Direct violence .15 The samples will be handed in in about minutes .

J: What the hell , can't , Direct violence .20 The samples will be handed in in about minutes .

And then there's less than ten minutes left , I went back to have a look D The result of violent running is still the same 58 number , I know it's cold , Just a random number .

Have to say , The difficulty of this time is really beyond my expectation ... The first is the number of questions 10 topic , It took me most of the time to find out , It turned out that in the first half of the game, there were a total of 10 points 0 branch . secondly , I really didn't sign in , Does the first question just count , But I didn't write it right ... There are still some questions that I can't understand , I can't read it ... Come out and talk with your classmates , It's almost cold ...
( Don't panic , Anyway, we are here to visit Beijing )

afternoon ,B The students in this group are better than each other , We were so tired that we went back to the hotel to have a rest , until 6 It's over , As a result, they said B I'm cold, too ...

At night 4 Let's go to Shibao street together , It's pretty good in there , Things are not particularly expensive , Agreed not to eat hot pot, but finally ate hot pot , The mandarin duck pot I asked for turned out to be the only one that I ate the clear soup , Finally, I reluctantly ate spicy pot and had a sore throat all night , alas , Uncomfortable . It's hard to see 9 It's half past six. It's time to go , A pit than Yao and a fake together shouting to buy food for his girlfriend ( The rest of us are three single dogs , Critical hit +1w, hatred +inf), As a result, when I bought nougat, I was given a pink water cup ... The party rushed back to the hotel by subway .

I can finally sleep in at night , Playing with mobile phones 12 I was so sleepy that I went to sleep . As soon as the curtain is drawn , As soon as I opened my eyes 8 A little more , It's cloudy outside , It feels like rain .

Wash and play 10 Check out at 8:00 and get ready to go back to the high speed railway station , And then all of a sudden, the final was out . A look at China's second middle school , I thought it was normal , probably 15 It's the second year of our country ? It is reasonable that the topic is so difficult . The remaining two teammates are in the front row of the national third team , It's a pity . Schoolboy java
B There is one country in the group , And then a lot of second and third countries . Generally speaking, it should be OK .

After a while , Sure enough, it rained outside the window , So I didn't have breakfast with another brother in the rain ( Umbrellas don't work much ) I went to the nearest place to buy rougamo and Shouzhua cake to satisfy my hunger ... The teacher left without us , The rest of us take a taxi to the subway station .

The mood along the way is still a little complicated , I feel like this time I just want to be a sophomore , But there is something wrong with it , I also love my other two classmates . And there will be an exam the day after tomorrow , As a result, I have to travel to Beijing these days
match ... But it was OK ...


Sum up the Blue Bridge Cup , It's a lot of questions , The title is difficult , The author is crazy , Big guys fight for national identity , Our water country is two and our country is three , Major tourism , Play by the way . There are also mistakes in their own play , The obvious lack of knowledge will not be mentioned ,oi After all, it's the same way to play acm It's still different . My competitive career is coming to an end , The only regret may be 18 It's a year's provincial competition, isn't it .

In the future, there will probably be no chance to play happily with your teammates , I hope we can continue to work hard , Postgraduate entrance examination , Job hunting job hunting , Three years is short and long , Lost time , Left a memory . Other people's school , Sponsorship from others , Other people's teammates are good , We are inferior , But we also try our best to reach the height that seniors and sisters can't reach . I hope the younger students will continue to cheer on , Try to surpass us as soon as possible . As for the rest of the sentiment , Let's wait until we retire .



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