@TableName("tb_xxx") public class TbXxx implements Serializable { private static
final long serialVersionUID = 1L; // database id Field is :AUTO_INCREMENT @TableId(value =
"id", type = IdType.AUTO) private Integer id; } @Service public class
TbXxxServiceImpl extends ServiceImpl<TbXxxMapper, TbXxx> implements TbXxxService
{ /** * test mybatis-plus Insert return primary key auto increment id * @author:heshengjin qq:2356899074 @date
2020 year 8 month 13 day afternoon 3:55:25 */ @SuppressWarnings("serial") @Override public int
insertBackAutoId() { TbXxx tbXxx = new TbXxx(){{ // Do not set the primary key id, It's self increasing id
// other getter/setter }}; baseMapper.insert(tbXxx ); // Here we get the self incrementing primary key id, Packaged, leveraged , Like one return
tbXxx.getId(); } }

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