study Python What can I do ?Python Related positions : Data Analyst ,Web development , Quantitative transaction analysis , Game developer , automated testing , Website back end programmer , artificial intelligence , Network security, etc .Python Language is very popular , With the rapid development of Internet , Many people who are not computer majors are studying Python.

Python It's still hot at the moment , Many students are training Python Enter the industry , But many still worry about too much Python Where is the future employment opportunity in this industry , Today, let's talk about it , learn from good examples Python Work that can be done :

1,Web development

We can't do without the Internet Web front end , utilize Python The framework can be used as a website , And some beautiful front-end interface , In addition, we need to master the application of some data .Python Can be used to make a website , Faster and more efficient .django and Flask Etc Python Of Web Frame in web It's very popular in development .

2, Internet worm

Many beginners Python Most people use it to write crawler programs , adopt Python
Entry crawler is relatively easy to learn , You don't need to master too much basic and low-level knowledge at the beginning to get started quickly and make achievements quickly , It's very suitable for Xiaobai's sense of achievement when he wants to make something visible at the beginning .

Regard all data of network as resources , Through the automatic program for targeted data acquisition and processing . Crawler development project contains anti crawler strategy , High performance asynchronous IO, Distributed crawler, etc , And for scrapy Framework source code for in-depth analysis , So as to understand the principle and implement the custom crawler framework .Python A more common case is the web crawler , First used Python What is the key to web crawler Google, and Python It has also been driven to develop .

3, Desktop program

Python There's a lot in it UI library , It's very convenient to complete one GUI program .Python realization GUI There are also many examples , as Dropbox, Namely Python Implementation of server and client programs .

4, Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Artificial intelligence is one of the most important fields , Give Way Python The future of language is full of unlimited potential . Now it's very influential AI Most of the frameworks are Python The realization of ,Python Enough dynamic , It has enough performance , This is AI Technical characteristics required by technology .. If based on Python Deep learning library based on , Deep learning direction , Machine learning direction , Natural language processing direction of some websites are basically through Python To achieve this . machine learning , In particular, most of the popular deep learning tool frameworks are provided Python Interface , Simple and clear syntax is popular among developers .

5, Scientific computing

Python The development efficiency is very high , Can be a higher level of abstraction , include scipy,numpy Third party libraries for scientific computing , So it's also very popular in the field of scientific computing .

6, Data analysis

Python Have a complete ecological environment , It is very helpful for data analysis and processing , as “ big data ” Distributed computing for analysis , Data visualization , Database operation, etc , All can be passed Python Complete the very mature module in .

7, Server operation and maintenance

Python In the server operation and maintenance part also occupies a place . Now almost all Linux It's all included in the distribution Python interpreter , use Python Script for batch file deployment and running adjustment has become a problem Linux Good choice on the server .Linux Operation and maintenance must be mastered Python language ,Python It's a very important course NB The programming language of Java , satisfy Linux Promotion rate of work demands of operation and maintenance engineers .

8,Python automated testing

Python Language is very helpful for testing , In automatic test Python Language has a wide range of uses and can improve work efficiency ,Python Too strong to master and be familiar with automated process , Methods and the templates we always use .

Python At present, it is a popular programming language , The arrival and departure of Internet of things Python The language of , Market related job vacancies are relatively large , The demand of all walks of life is also in short supply , study Python You can choose a preferred career direction to develop in-depth learning .

Are there any industries you want to work in ?

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