Because we need to import a receipt library to the local , So I export it on the server first sql Text of , Then import it into the local , However, an error was reported when importing . Because the server uses mysql yes 8.0 Above , I guess it's because of me 5.5 Of mysql The version is a lot behind , So take advantage of this import failure problem , take mysql
change into 8.0 Of , Here are the steps
be careful
: If we want to replace it , Just like me , So the first thing is to back up the database , I'm backing it up data after , But before you put it in 8.0 Version of data There is no data in the database , So it's also being solved now , With the solution, I will update it immediately .

<> download mysql

First we need to download it mysql8.0 Version of , But the official website download is really too slow , be doomed ~ So you can find a Baidu disk when you download it

After downloading , I put it in the F:\mysql8.0.20\mysql-8.0.20-winx64

data There were no documents in the beginning , We don't have to create this ourselves

<> Configure environment variables

Environment variable found , New one

stay path Lower introduction

At this point, we have the environment variables ready

<> to configure my.ini file

We are here bin Create a my.ini file

Profile information
[mysqld] # set up 3306 port port=3306 # set up mysql The installation directory is your own
basedir=F:\mysql8.0.20\mysql-8.0.20-winx64 # set up mysql Storage directory of data in database , This is my own
datadir=F:\mysql8.0.20\mysql-8.0.20-winx64\data # Maximum number of connections allowed max_connections=200 #
Number of connection failures allowed . This is to prevent someone from trying to attack the database system from the host max_connect_errors=10 # The default character set used by the server is UTF8
character-set-server=utf8 # The default storage engine that will be used when creating new tables default-storage-engine=INNODB #
Default use “mysql_native_password” Plug in authentication #
default_authentication_plugin=mysql_native_password [mysql] # set up mysql Client default character set
default-character-set=utf8 [client] # set up mysql The default port used by the client when connecting to the server port=3306
<> install mysql

Open as Administrator cmd, Then enter mysql Of bin Under the directory , Execute the order
mysqld --initialize --console
After execution , Can print root User's initial default password , such as :
C:\Users\Administrator>cd C:\Program Files\MySQL\bin C:\Program Files\MySQL\bin
>mysqld --initialize --console 2018-04-28T15:57:17.087519Z 0 [System] [MY-013169
] [Server] C:\Program Files\MySQL\bin\mysqld.exe (mysqld 8.0.11) initializing of
serverin progress as process 4984 2018-04-28T15:57:24.859249Z 5 [Note] [MY-
010454] [Server] A temporary password is generated for root@localhost:
rI5rvf5x5G,E 2018-04-28T15:57:27.106660Z 0 [System] [MY-013170] [Server]
C:\Program Files\MySQL\bin\mysqld.exe (mysqld 8.0.11) initializing of server
has completed C:\Program Files\MySQL\bin>
among root@localhost: The following is the login password of the generated database rI5rvf5x5G,E

If we're not careful ctrl+c Copy password , But under the black window ctrl+c
Termination of proceedings , So if we don't do it carefully , It's OK , take data Delete the folder and execute the following command again

<> Installation services

stay bin Execute under directory
mysqld --install [ service name ]
The following service name may not be written , The default name is mysql. of course , If you need to install multiple MySQL service , It can be distinguished by different names , such as mysql5 and

After an Zhuan , implement
net start mysql perhaps net stop mysql To start or stop the service

sc delete MySQL/mysqld -remove Used to unload MySQL service

<> Change password

Execute the order
mysql -u root -p
Press enter, Now let's enter the password , At this time, the input password is the password we generated above .
get into mysql, Execute the following command to change the password

ALTER USER ‘root’@‘localhost’ IDENTIFIED WITH mysql_native_password BY ‘ New password ’;
be careful : I want a semicolon after that , Or I'll wait for you to lose , Until we met ; end

This is the installation mysql8.0 Steps for , come on. !

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