preface :

Recently, Guoguo is crazy about it U Disk file encryption and hiding , Because sometimes u I'm so upset by the loan .

File protection , Most of them are divided into two types , One is file encryption , One is file hiding , Of course, sometimes the two can be used together .

So what I want to learn today is the hiding of folder or file and picture , The whole process is basically in progress win Simple operation on the system , But I won't , So take notes .

method :

Document attribute method :( Here is just a simple and practical file hiding , ha-ha , Write it in )


Registry strengthening method :

Hide the file first , Then open the registry ;

win+r input "regedit";

Open the path : computer \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced\Folder\Hidden\SHOWALL

Then find the binary key in the registry on the right :CheckedValue, Change the value to 0;

( If you change, you will be prompted with an error , Please use administrator rights )

In this way, other people will not be able to see your hidden files by using normal methods , If you want to check it yourself , Just do the reverse .

attrib System attribute method :

Press and hold shift+ Right mouse button ;

Open command window ;

format :   attrib +s +h ( Need to hide the file name or file );

//+s Represents system properties

//+h Represents hidden file properties

The file disappears after refreshing ;

Retrieve :

Then the reverse operation is performed ;

attrib -s -h ( Just hidden file name or file )


Transparent folder icon method : ( It's simple , Just change the icon )

Right click Properties ;

Custom change icon ;

Select a transparent icon ;

Let's take a look at the effect ;( Ha ha ha , It doesn't feel good )

Try changing the name , Make it nameless ;( The space can't be entered )

The real way is ;

Select Rename , Delete the original name , Press and hold Alt Key input at the same time 0160 (get here we are , it turns out to be the case that ASCLL Space in code )

however , It's not safe enough. Hahaha

copy Picture method :

picture + Hiding method of text file ( Hiding text files in pictures )

Open the command line :

copy /b  Picture name + Text file name New picture name   ( among /b It is stored in binary form )

What else is in it /a parameter , I don't want to know, ha ha ha

How to view ?

Modify the suffix of the file or use Notepad to view it , You can view the text file in the image format .

I think it's more suitable for hiding passwords

Compressed packet encryption + picture copy method :

Compress the folder first , You can set the password ( I won't show it here );

And then use the above format command copy;

The way to view it is , Modify the suffix of the file

Class identifier method :

give an example :

recycle bin .{645ff040-5081-101b-9f08-00aa002f954e}
recycle bin ( full ).{5ef4af3a-f726-11d0-b8a2-00c04fc309a4}
Dial up network .{992CFFA0-F557-101A-88EC-00DD010CCC48}

Modify with rename , Add suffix identifier

What's more interesting is that , This is the click mark , You can go directly to the recycle bin . Even if the recycle bin is empty , It will not empty the original file .

however , If you choose other viewing methods , You'll still see that he's a folder

recovery :

Modify file name , Then enter cmd in ;

D:\test file>ren "1234.{645ff040-5081-101b-9f08-00aa002f954e}" text1   //ren
It means to rename

Special document law :

I won't show it here , Is to use the hidden files in the system , Move the files that need to be hidden to the system hidden files .

Drive letter hiding method :( Three )

Drive letter management method :

Enter computer management , Disk management , Right click to change the drive letter and path , Select Delete disk symbol .

be careful : This drive letter must have no software installed , Otherwise, the installation path will not be found , This method is only suitable for hiding files and system files

recovery : Reverse operation is enough

Group strategy :( Don't show too much , Because the computer was just protected two days ago )

win+r  gpedit.msc

route : User configuration , Manage templates ,win assembly ,win Resource Manager , Right find hidden " Drivers in my computer "

Select enable , Select the drive to hide

Registration form method :

Wuwuwu , I'm hungry .

summary :

In fact, these operations , Very suitable for my little white , So I can hide the file well , Add some combination and file encryption tool, Maybe the ideal effect will be better !

It seemed like yesterday 1024, Ha ha ha ! It seems that it will be right away 1111 Let's go ?



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