Premise :

one , In the interface that needs to get user information , The front end needs to call the api It's on the head token, this token Return to the front end when logging in .

two , All operations are based on User User table , If it is another user table, you need to make relevant changes . There are only two documents to be changed .API With Auth A series of operations can be performed in these two class libraries .

Fatal Frame , The ultimate move
$this->auth->direct($info->id); $info['token']=$this->auth->getToken();
$this->success(' Login successful ',$this->auth->getUserinfo());
This completes the login of an account , But pay attention to the account parameters , for instance status Is it 'normal', Is it restricted to log in , Basically, you can log in directly




one , Login for token

If it's the system default User Login inside , No problem , Will return you a token. If it's a custom login, you also want it token, There are three steps .

① Login Class Library inheritance app\common\controller\API, And use Get it as follows token
Api::getRefreshtoken($userid); // The value here is transmitted user_id
②app\common\controller\Api New method added :
/* establish token*/ public function getRefreshtoken($user_id){ return
$this->auth->getRefreshtoken($user_id); }
③app\common\library\Auth New method added :
public function getRefreshtoken($user_id){ $this->direct($user_id); return
$this->_token; }
two , Through effective token Get user information

① inherit app\common\controller\Api class , And add the following code to the current class library :
protected $noNeedLogin = ['login','test', 'mobilelogin', 'register',
'resetpwd', 'changeemail', 'changemobile', 'third']; protected $noNeedRight =
'*'; public function _initialize() { parent::_initialize(); }
The test passed api Headband token Get user information public function getinfos(){ $info=Api::getUser(); return
json($info); }
② app\common\controller\API Add the following method to it :
/* Get user information */ public function getUser(){ return $this->auth->getUser(); }

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