<>1, summary

The voltage at both ends of capacitor shall not change suddenly , I want to understand that , You have to understand what it is . yes , It is an original part of energy storage . capacitance , As the name suggests, it is a container for electric energy , It's like a water cup , It's a container for water . Is it better to call a water cup water capacity , ha-ha !

The voltage at both ends of the capacitor should not change abruptly , It's like an empty cup into which you pour water , You can't fill a glass with water in a flash , Electricity can't charge the capacitor instantaneously . It takes time to fill the cup with water and to fully charge the capacitor , Although this time (τ=RC) It could be short , But it's a process after all , It's not instantaneous .

<>2, Simulation verification

Combined with the above description , Now we use Tina To simulate the integral circuit and differential circuit .
2.1, Integral circuit :
2.1.1 Integral simulation circuit

Integral circuit simulation waveform

Above , The green square wave signal is the original input signal , Signal source signal . Brown is the output signal , That is, the signal waveform at both ends of the capacitor . It can be seen that when the input signal changes from low level to high level , It's almost immediately , However, the change process reflected in capacitance is quite different , The voltage on the capacitor changes slowly , It is a process of charging and discharging , Voltage from 0 Start to grow , The whole high period of input signal is the charging time , because τ=RC Reasons for parameter selection , Capacitor charging has not reached the magnitude of the input signal , The input signal becomes 0 It's over , At this time, the discharge starts again , It's not finished yet , It's charging again . That's how it goes all the time . The above waveform appears . Differential circuits can also be analyzed in this way .

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