TCP Vegas, Yeah ,TCP Vegas , Vegas , Hello .

Vegas It's a typical example AIAD algorithm .

I don't always say that AIMD Can we converge to fairness ? This is based on cybernetics ,AIAD,MIMD In any case, it is impossible to converge , They either spin around , Or positive feedback to completely out of control .

Do you know why your magic changes make things worse ? Because you don't know cybernetics , Your magic may have caused positive feedback , It's like putting the microphone on the speaker .

however Vegas That's one AIAD Algorithm .

Why Vegas?

Other algorithms are implemented when the synchronization point is reached Decrease Operational , however Vegas The synchronization point of is distributed , So in any single connection , We can't see this synchronization point .Vegas Signals that do not recognize congestion , It is automatically adjusted during operation , So as to avoid congestion ,
Reno Is congestion identified ( Synchronization point ) Then congestion control is carried out ,Vegas It is to avoid congestion completely .

Vegas It's simple , It constantly measures the difference between the expected bandwidth and the actual bandwidth , This difference is used to adjust the sending window .Vegas The specific details of are not the content of this article , This article mainly introduces Vegas The fairness of the market .

The previous convergence graph is still used , Let's take a look Vegas How to converge .

Vegas What is the difference from other algorithms , Other algorithms all meet the synchronization point and converge together ,Vegas There is no need for such a convergence point .

So I can't draw the simple convergence graph , The master plan can only be made in the convergence area :

It can be seen that , according to Vegas algorithm , The windows of both flows converge to 11,12 Two areas , This is clearly fair .

My drawing is not good , Because of the blue , The orange line is supposed to be part of the hyperbola , however drawio It's really hard to draw this kind of curve , It can only be simulated by straight line splicing .

What is the meaning of hyperbola ,w1 and w2 Add together to fill in bandwidth and buffer, It's just solving an equation :

α ≤ D i f f = C w n d R T p r o p − C w n d R T T ≤ β \alpha\le
Diff=\dfrac{Cwnd}{RTprop}-\dfrac{Cwnd}{RTT}\le \betaα≤Diff=RTpropCwnd​−RTTCwnd​≤

final , We found that 1,2,3,4 region ,w1 yes AI Of , stay 6,7,8,9 region ,w1 yes AD Of , In the same way w2 It's the same with the dynamics , final , We found that w1 and w2 Average direction 11,12 Area close , They can only move towards this area , And in this area , We found that ,w1 and w2 It's fair !

La La La , This is the manager , That's fairness .Vegas So converge to fairness .

We can see from the front , Whatever it is Reno family ( include BIC/CUBIC) still Westwood,BBR They all have a definite convergence point , The synchronization operation is performed at this convergence point , So as to ensure convergence to fairness , however Vegas There is no such convergence point ,Vegas It's self-conscious , Conscious synchronization .

So it seems to me , If it's all over the network Vegas, That's the right thing to do . However, as long as there is an algorithm that the flow is adjusted unconsciously , such as Reno,CUBIC, that Vegas It's going to end ,Vegas meet Reno/CUBIC, It's like TCP meet UDP equally , The root cause is ,
Vegas Not with other algorithms “ synchronization ”, let me put it another way ,Vegas I don't know what it's like “ synchronization ”.

If there are others, take other algorithms TCP The stream took over buffer,Vegas I will understand this reality according to my own logic ,“ It shouldn't be , This guy's Diff It's big enough , The window will be reduced soon ”, But in fact , These streams are not Vegas streams at all …

Wet leather shoes in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province , If it rains, you won't get fat .

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