Dear blog community friends, Hello , I am a teacher ordinary Double non master , With a large number of users CSDN In the community , It's a tiny part. Ha ha ha . I came here with the same intention , Learn from others' experience , Find out what you don't understand clearly , At the same time, share what you think . Next, I will make an overview of myself , In addition, it is necessary to set up a system for learning programming flag. I am currently studying for a master of engineering , The research direction is based on computer vision (CV), The main research topics are as follows “ Pedestrian recognition ”, This direction is widely used in intelligent security , The field of criminal investigation . My tutor once told the students of the research group “ Those who seek the best get one of them , Ask for the best ”, The reason is simple and easy to understand , I will keep this sentence in mind and use it to inspire my way of learning . At present, my subject mainly uses python Language to achieve , Because high level languages cannot learn the bottom of programming , Through project learning python This is far from enough , Out of love for programming , I made up my mind to choose java As a second programming language , It is widely used , Easy cross platform , Scalability and other excellent features deeply attracted me . In addition to the reasonable arrangement of scientific research time , I will devote as much time as possible to my study java among , The day of learning new knowledge in Niuke or To consolidate what we have learned, we need to answer multiple-choice questions , reflection . There is also a very important point , The ultimate goal is to get the ideal Offer, Give back to yourself , Repay parents , At present, the ideal salary is confidential , Ideal Internet company confidential , Just want to seize the time to learn programming .
Time never talks , But time always gives the answer , As a young new generation, it's over to do a good job in programming !!!

<> What a programmer should look like

   Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha , Learn more, practice more and think more , do standard programmer .

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