The current way of code development , It has been born for more than half a century , Formed a complete set of development system , It is still used today . There are many languages ,PHP/ Java/ Python/ C#/
JavaScript/ Go… , But essentially nothing has changed , It's still line by line Coding.

eXperience) Try to change that , Establish a new zero code visual development system , Almost “Zero” Code , Complete the development of all applications , And it allows developers to “Zero” Under the condition of basic programming, quickly master the development skills of front and back end .

iVX The triple attributes of ( three-in-one )

one , language property :iVX Is a visual development language , You don't need to have a programming foundation to get started quickly ( And set up a new development system ) :

two , Cloud properties :iVX Is the next generation of cloud computing solutions

three , Tool properties :iVX It is also a development tool , It has the following functions :1, Bring your own IDE
Empowerment : You haven't learned code , I don't know how to program , It can also develop high-quality applications ;2, synergism : If you've learned the front end or any language , It's faster to get started ,10 Double the development efficiency ;3, study :iVX It can also help to learn computer programming , Verify the feasibility of the model .

iVX Generated applications

iVX It is not divorced from the existing technical framework , It's about abstracting a whole set of visual language and components based on the analysis and continuous optimization of the existing advanced technology , Then use this set of language and components to construct various application systems . Current stage iVX It can be used to make all kinds of products Web application , Applets , Games , Website system ,SaaS application , Native applications, etc , The front end compiles the object code according to the user's requirements ( for example , When the user selects an applet, the applet code is generated , choice Web Is generated React code ), Background generation Go Language code . Back end resources ( Including data services ),iVX Has been automatically integrated with the cloud , Provide seamless cloud resource services for users . therefore , Users only need to learn and master iVX Development skills of , You can directly develop various applications and quickly deploy them , Greatly improve the efficiency of application development and release .
At present, the application supports private deployment , Eliminate worries .

iVX Application maintenance

because iVX It's very well structured , Very easy to maintain , Nature is DevOps And agile development .

therefore :

iVX Redefining developers

Redefining the development process

The process of application delivery and access is redefined

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