shift+shift search for file
ctrl+shift+ enter completion ( Bonus number )
psvm Principal function
sout system.out.println()
shift+ enter Go straight to the next line
ctrl+alt+v Production return value object shortcut key
shift+f6 rename
alt+ enter /ctrl+p Intelligent tips
ctrl+alt+t You can throw an exception try catch
alt+insert Generation construction method /get/set Methods, etc
ctrl+o Call out the method that can copy
ctrl+i Find a method that is not implemented
ctrl+h View implementation / Succession relationship
ctrl+shift+"-" Fold all
ctrl+shift+"+" expand all
ctrl+n Find a class
ctrl+shift+n Find files
alt+7 Displays all methods of a class
ctrl+alt+"<-" return
ctrl+alt+"->" forward
ctrl+alt+b Find the implementation class of the interface
ctrl+h Find the inheritance relationship of the interface
ctrl+alt+ Mouse click method Prompt to enter the method of which implementation class
alt+ enter Import package , Automatic correction
ctrl+alt+l formatting code
ctrl+alt+o Optimize imported classes and packages
alt+insert Generate code ( as get,set method , Constructors, etc ) (mac system fn+alt+ enter )
ctrl+e perhaps alt+shift+c Recently changed code
ctrl+r replace text
ctrl+f find text
ctrl+shift+space Automatic completion code
ctrl+ Space Code tips
ctrl+alt+space Class name or interface name prompt
ctrl+p Method parameter prompt
ctrl+shift+alt+n Find a method or variable in a class
alt+shift+c Compare the recently modified code
ctrl+alt+h Open method call structure >>>
shift+f6 restructure - rename
ctrl+x Delete row
ctrl+d Copy row
ctrl+/ or ctrl+shift+/ notes (// perhaps /…/ )
ctrl+j Automatic code
ctrl+e Recently opened files
ctrl+h Display class structure diagram
ctrl+q Show comment document
alt+f1 Find the location of the code
alt+1 Quickly open or hide the project panel
ctrl+alt+left/right Go back to where you last browsed
alt+left/right Switch code view
alt+up/down Fast mobile location between methods
ctrl+shift+up/down Code up / Move down .
f2 or shift+f2 Highlight errors or warnings for quick positioning , After entering the code label , Press tab, Generate code . selected text , Press ctrl+shift+f7
, Highlight all the text , Press esc The highlight disappears .
ctrl+w Check code , Continuous press will have other effects
selected text , Press alt+f3 , Find the same text one by one , And highlight it .
ctrl+up/down The cursor jumps under the first or last line
ctrl+b Quickly open the class or method at the cursor

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