With more and more project requirements ,vue-admin-element Lower version of ui, It's a little hard to meet the demand , So we started to study the development of the project ui Version upgrade , But there is no such example on the Internet , Or record the upgrade process , Let's see if we can help some friends .

<>1. start

to update element edition , What are my needs element-ui@2.7.2 Basically satisfied , So we decided on this version for the time being , After updating , Normal operation , See this smoothly :

After opening the browser , But I found that I kept turning around , In the long wait , I found out that the browser has been blocked , Black question mark face .

Then the task manager ends chorme process , Open the console carefully , Then visit again . There's no hair on the console , The page is still stuck .


Grasps the grass , The terminal did not report an error , There is no error on the page , What the hell is this ?????

Then start Baidu element-ui@2.7.2, Page stuck , The big guys said it could be tab There is no package outside the module div Why
, Check the code carefully , It turns out there are a few packages missing , A layer of elements has been added to it , Happy to open the browser to visit again

Still stuck !!!!!

In the constant visit and constant stuck , Guess if it's a helicopter element There is no upgrade vue Or something else , So I tried to vue Upgrade to 2.6 edition .

finally , Something's wrong , I'm a little happy to see the mistake ????

Vue packages version mismatch:

* vue@2.6.10
* vue-template-compiler@2.5.10
This may cause things to work incorrectly. Make sure to use the same version
for both.

It literally means vue Version and vue-template-compiler Version does not correspond , After Baidu search , Found the same version . So I will vue-template-compiler Upgrade to @2.6.10. Then re install the dependency

Looking at familiar links , the old man wept bitterly , Shaking hands to open the link , You're not going to get stuck again, are you .

Then the page opens , Familiar page deployment , A moment of relief , My mother , Not easy .

<> To sum up

* element-ui Version upgrade
* vue and vue-template-compiler Version upgrade
* Also remember vue and vue-template-compiler Corresponding version

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