Today, I'd like to make a brief record of what I use elementui Use of shuttle box
I need to create a new project , Parameters to be passed include project name and description , There's also a list of files id

It will be used at this time elementui The shuttle box , No nonsense, code directly

First get the list of files I need It includes the name of the file ,id, File size, etc
// Get file list fileList() { this.axios({ url: API.filesList, method: "get" }).then(
res=> { this.fileArr =; console.log(this.fileArr); }); },
data in return Code for
// Add project incoming data option form: { entryName: "", describe: "" }, fileArr: [], // Shuttle box file list
fileIdArr: [], // Shuttle box file id array yesData: [1, 2], // be careful :key The type of characters should be consistent !!!
And then this is html code
<div class="SelectFile" ref="SelectFile"> <el-form :model="form" action> <
el-form-item label=" entry name " :label-width="formLabelWidth" class="project"> <
el-input v-model="form.entryName" autocomplete="off"></el-input> </el-form-item>
<el-form-item label=" describe " :label-width="formLabelWidth" class="project"> <
el-input v-model="form.describe" autocomplete="off"></el-input> </el-form-item>
<el-form-item label=" File list " :label-width="formLabelWidth" class="project"> <
el-transfer v-model="yesData" :props="{key: 'id',label: 'fileName'}" :titles="['
File list ', ' Selected files ']" @change="handleChange" :data="fileArr" ></el-transfer> </
el-form-item> <el-form-item label="" :label-width="formLabelWidth" class="
project"> <el-button type="primary" @click="sub"> establish </el-button> </el-form-item>
</el-form> </div>
Bound event code
// Right data change trigger function handleChange(value, direction, movedKeys) { console.log(value,
direction, movedKeys); this.fileIdArr = movedKeys; // File list id array },
Create event code
// Submit selection file Make file list display Shuttle box hidden sub() { this.$ = "none";
this.$ = "block"; var dataArr = new URLSearchParams();
dataArr.append("entryName", this.form.entryName); dataArr.append("describe",
this.form.describe); dataArr.append("baiPath", this.fileIdArr); this.axios({ url
: API.hla1addProject, method: "post", data: dataArr }).then(d => { console.log(d
); this.req(); if ( === "true") { this.$message({ message:
msg, type: "success" }); this.selctlist(); } else { this.$message({ message: d.
data.msg, type: "warning" }); } }); },

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