<> introduction

Record in learning vue3.0 Yes, add i18n International translation function and problems .

<> problem

stay vue3.0 Make reference in i18n The reason for the error has been reported all the time :
Please check the version ! Please check the version ! Please check the version ! Currently I use "vue-i18n": “^9.0.0-beta.17”, Version compatible vue3.0.
// Install the latest version @next npm install vue-i18n@next
The official website is quoted as vue2.0 How to reference and mount versions , because vue3.0 Of vue The import method is import { createApp } from “vue”;
Unable to mount directly according to tradition .

<>vue3.0 Used in i18n record

step 1: install vue-i18n
npm install vue-i18n@next
step 2: establish language The folder stores the language variables of each version
language in index.js
// language import { createI18n } from 'vue-i18n' // introduce vue-i18n assembly // import { Imported components
export It came out variable } from 'vue-i18n' // register i8n Examples and language files are introduced const i18n = createI18n({ locale
: 'ch', // Default display language messages: { ch:require('./ch.js'), // Importing language files en:require(
'./en.js') } }) export default i18n; // take i18n Exposed , stay main.js Introduce mount in
language in ch.js
module.exports = { // Head menu header_menu: { logout: ' sign out ' } }
language in en.js
module.exports = { // Head menu header_menu: { logout: 'sign out' } }
main.js Mount in
import { createApp } from "vue"; import App from "./App.vue"; import router
from "./router"; import store from "./store"; import Antd from 'ant-design-vue';
import 'ant-design-vue/dist/antd.css'; import VueI18n from './language'
createApp(App) .use(store) .use(router) .use(Antd) .use(VueI18n) .mount("#app");
// The format is $t(' variable ') {{ $t('header_menu.logout') }}

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