one , Finish Python Be a web crawler

   study Python A large part of our people are learning reptiles , It's the same Python One of the great advantages of , First used Python Google is a web crawler . Why use it Python Writing crawler ? Cross platform , yes Linux and windows They all have good support ; Scientific computing , Numerical fitting :Numpy,Scipy; visualization :2d:Matplotlib( It's a beautiful drawing ),
3d: Mayavi2; complex network :Networkx; Statistics : And R Language interface :Rpy; Interactive terminal .

   Network programming is Python Another way to learn , Network programming is everywhere in life and development , Where there is communication, there is network , It's all about development “ footstone ”. For all programmers, developers must know what it is and why it is , So the network part will be removed from the protocol , Packet , Unpacking and so on .


two , Finish Python Do artificial intelligence development

   Let's not talk about the development potential and money path of artificial intelligence , This is something we all know , But for now , Artificial intelligence is still relatively little work , And they are all highly educated people , In the future, it will certainly be the direction with the most development potential .


three , Finish Python Do server operation and maintenance

   Operation and maintenance is no stranger , The first batch of learning Python People in the world , It's the on-the-job staff of operation, maintenance and testing , because Python It plays an important role in their work , Because of the use of Python Script for batch file deployment and running adjustment has become a problem Linux Good choice on the server .


four , Finish Python Do data analysis

   On the Internet , You can know a lot , According to what you see , Analyze what you buy and recommend what you want .Python The complete ecological environment is very conducive to data analysis and processing , such as ," big data " Distributed computing for analysis , Data visualization , Database operation, etc , All can be passed Python Complete the very mature module in .


five , do WEB development

  Python Have a lot of free data function library , Free Admission web Web template system , And with web The library that the server interacts with , It can be realized web development , build web frame , It's quite famous at present Python
web The framework is Django. In this field, we should pay attention to data , assembly , Safety and other areas of learning , From the bottom to understand its working principle, and can control any mainstream of the industry Web frame .


six , Cloud Computing Development

  Python Is engaged in cloud computing work needs to master a programming language , Popular cloud computing framework OpenStack That's why Python Developed , If you want to further study and secondary development , You need to have Python Your skills .


seven , Game development

   In the development of online games ,Python There are also many applications , Compared to Lua or
C++,Python than Lua Higher level of abstraction , The game business logic can be described with less code ,Python Perfect for writing 1 Projects above ten thousand banks , And can control the scale of the online game project in a very good way 10 Within 10000 lines of code .


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