Although it's October now , quite a lot 2020 All the graduates of this year have found jobs , But as someone who's been here , I know that there are still many graduates who are still in positions they don't like arranged by the school , There are also some people who are engaged in the work they are not satisfied with and do not like , It's normal , After all, it's hard to find a job that you like and are satisfied with .

But I hope you will not be comfortable with the status quo , yes ! Life is hard , But if you have an idea, you have to take action , never mind , Because learning is only good for you , Even if it doesn't meet your expectations in the end , But what you learn is your strength , As a fresh graduate , Professional knowledge is not solid enough , Work experience is certainly very little , There is no clue about the way to apply for a job , So I have to settle down to improve my ability and master the job-hunting skills , If not, we'll learn .

Before the interview, I finished reading this carefully arranged BAT The development of first line Internet enterprises Java Interview is almost a must 77 Pavement test questions , It's definitely helpful for your interview .

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At the end of the article, we have a little welfare waiting for you , Happy to see the last !

Let's take a look first Java The classic 77 ask , In the end what is it? :

* Java What is a virtual machine ?Java Why is it called a platform independent programming language ?
* You know? JDK and JRE What's the difference ?
* “static” What does the key word mean ?Java Can I override one in private Or is it static How to do it ?
* Please tell me Java Eight basic data types supported
* Please introduce it Java Method override and method overload in
* Java Do you support multiple inheritance ?
* What are the differences between abstract classes and interfaces
* Talk about several different ways to create threads , Name one you like , And explain why





* Talk about the difference between synchronous code block and synchronous method
* A brief overview of deadlock
* What do you have Java Basic interface of collection class framework
* What is an iterator ?
* lterator and Listlteratora What's the difference between them
* say something HashMap and Hashtable The difference between



Because of article restrictions , So only part of it is shown , I want this carefully organized “Java Interview classics 77 ask ” Friends of information , Private message password 【 Job search for fresh graduates 】 Or just look below 100% Free of charge !

The following interview information :2020 newest Java Interview information can be shared with you

In addition to interview skills, their own professional knowledge should be solid enough , The following are my carefully arranged learning materials , You can also scan below for free if you need !



I can't find my favorite job , In fact, the main thing is not enough ability , Now the competition in many industries is more and more serious , Without high education and family background, we can only rely on our own efforts .

Thank you for reading , I hope I can help you !

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