I have a funny question today :

Get up in the morning chrome The browser page won't open .
Scared, I quickly opened my door 360 Opera Portable , It didn't disappoint me , Sure enough 360 It can be opened .

Why Google chrome The browser can't open the web page , But other browsers can open it ?

The first reaction was that I installed a Baidu software yesterday , Is Baidu doing something ? In a flash guo It's too hard for me to use a software inside .

First move : Reset browser
open chrome choice —— set up —— Reset and clean up

forehead … You can see this article , It is estimated that it has been tried, and it has no effect .

Second move : Try to hang up v Horse n, Try to find that you can open a web page
Fixed browser issues , It's probably a network problem .
open cmd Window input : netsh winsock reset
Reset network and restart ,, result , Still not .

I panicked . Which hooligan did this ? So powerful ?
Then prepare to delete the registry
win+r function , input regedit Find and delete Connections: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE——SOFTWARE——Microsoft——
Windows——CurrentVersion——Internet Settings——Connections
Still not ! I'm a little desperate , This is to be supernatural ?
Let's have another one

Still not ! The feeling is , The enemy has been pushed to the crystal . No way .
I found out later , Here's the message .
Unable to display web page :DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET

customary DNS,213.xxx.xxx.xxx. Continental node ,360 These browsers can be opened chrome It's blocked ??????
Reset DNS, Change to automatic acquisition ,OK It's over

set up DNS, Change to automatic acquisition , Google chrome The browser can't open the web page. This is the perfect solution .

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