<>javascript Type conversion in

javascript It's a weakly typed language , Variables are type independent , So sometimes we need to do type conversion

<> one , Digital conversion (number)

Two methods :
number: What is the way of type transformation v8 Transformation rules of the lowest mechanism of engine parseFloat,parseInt: Is to provide additional method conversion rules

First, convert the reference type to a string (tostring) method , When converting a string to a number
character string => number : Invalid number converted to string Boolean value => number :1 or 0 null => number : 0; underfined => number :NaN, ‘
’ => number :0 object => number : First, convert the object to a string , It's turning into numbers 【】 => number :0 Number(10); // 10
Number('10'); // 10 Number(null); // 0 Number(''); // 0 Number(true); // 1
Number(false); // 0 Number([]); // 0 Number([1,2]); // NaN Number('10a'); //
NaN Number(undefined); // NaN
parsefloat(【va】,【 Base system 】), Search the string from left to right for valid numeric characters , Knew that an invalid string was encountered , Stop searching , Return what you find as a number ,

If it's not a string , First convert to string before using this method
let str = '12.5px' parseInt(str) // 12 parseFloat(str)// 12.5
parseFloat(true)// NaN
isNaN Judge number type :

If the current type is numeric , return false, Otherwise, return true

<> two , String type conversion (string)

Primitive type , use tostring method () That's what it was like before Put quotation marks on the outside
number => character string : Wrap a layer of quotation marks . NaN => character string : 'NaN' . true => character string : 'true' . null => character string :
'null' ( The browser will report an error ( You are not allowed to use it )—— Conversion is usually possible ) undefined => character string :'undefined' ( The browser will report an error ( You are not allowed to use it )——
Conversion is usually possible ) Object => character string : '[object,Object]' .
The result of ordinary object transformation is “ [object,object] ”, because Object.prototype.toString
Method is not converted to a string , It's used to detect data types .
String(123); // "123" String(true); // "true" String(null); // "null"( report errors )
String(undefined);// "undefined"( report errors ) String([1,2,3]) // "1,2,3" String({}); //
"[object Object]"
<> three , Boolean type conversion (boolean)

1:‘ ’,





6: 0 ,

above 6 The value is null when converted to a Boolean value false, Other types are true
Boolean('') // false Boolean(undefined) // false Boolean(null) // false
Boolean(NaN) // false Boolean(false) // false Boolean(0) // false Boolean({})
// true Boolean([]) // true
<> four , Conversion of primitive type

There are two types of transformation : Convert to string type or other primitive type .

If it is already the original type , No more conversion is required .

If converted to string type , Call the toString() method .

If it is other basic type , Call the valueOf() method .

If the return is not the original type , The call continues toString() method .

If the original type has not been returned , An error is reported .

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