When it comes to a structure problem , The output is always wrong , No reason can be found . The questions are as follows :
typedef struct student { float grade[3]; long long int number; }stu; int
main() { stu stu1; scanf("%d;%f,%f,%f", &(stu1.number), &(stu1.grade[0]),
&(stu1.grade[1]), &(stu1.grade[2])); printf("The each subject score of No. %d
is %.2f, %.2f, %.2f.\n",stu1.number,stu1.grade[0],stu1.grade[1],stu1.grade[2]);
return 0; } // input :1410202;77,88,99 // output :The each subject score of No. 1410202 is
0.00, 0.00, 0.00. // Expected results :The each subject score of No. 1410202 is 77.00, 88.00,
here , that is because number yes long long int type , In this code, both input and output are %d, The output result is wrong .

To avoid this problem , Yes 16 Input and output of base number should be used %lld Format input output

example :long long int number;




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