Recently do a topic switching function , Check the online implementation , What I found was not the effect I wanted , So I made a plan according to my own idea .
style.less // Define theme variables such as color and introduce them globally factory.js // Define how to modify the value of a variable vuex // Manage dynamic change theme style single value model
.js // Store fixed scheme theme style
First of all, we need to introduce a global one style.less file , This can be called directly in the project style.less Variables in , In order to achieve this function, we need to use plug-ins .
npm i style-resources-loader vue-cli-plugin-style-resources-loader -D
After the installation, add the
pluginOptions: { 'style-resources-loader': { preProcessor: 'less', patterns: [
path.resolve(__dirname, "src/theme/style.less")] // Introducing global style variables } }
So far , We can already use it directly in the project style.less Variables in it
@baseColor:var(--baseColor, #4F94FA); @activeColor: var(--activeColor, #4F94FA)
; @fontColor:var(--fontColor, #4F94FA); :export { name: "less"; baseColor:
@baseColor; activeColor: @activeColor; fontColor:@fontColor; }
Component internal style
<style lang="less"> .app-header { background-color: @baseColor; } </style>
there :export Is to export variable values in styles , Unnecessary can not be used ,var(– Variable name , Variable value ) This is css For subsequent use in js update value .
/** * Switch theme to modify page style **/ export const changeStyle=(obj)=>{ for(let key in obj){
document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0].style.setProperty(`--${key}`, obj[key])
; } }
Here, you can modify the value of page style by directly operating the page elements .
import Vue from 'vue'; import Vuex from 'vuex'; import * as actions from
'./actions'; import * as getters from './getters'; import * as mutations from
'./mutations'; import Account from 'js/model/common/account'; Vue.use(Vuex);
const state = { baseColor:'#4F94FA' }; export default new Vuex.Store({ state,
actions, getters, mutations });
The changed value can be changed by vuex To manage the state Storage in baseColor

Binding in page
<el-color-picker v-model="$store.state.baseColor" @change="SwitchTheme" title="
theme " class="color"></el-color-picker>
Switch theme colors
SwitchTheme(){ let obj = { baseColor:this.$store.state.baseColor } changeStyle(
obj) }
Local storage of subject data
/** * Custom theme scheme **/ export const menusModel = { themeA: { baseColor:'#FFF',
activeColor:'#4f94fa', fontColor:'#333', }, themeB: { baseColor:'#FFF',
activeColor:'#4f94fa', fontColor:'#333', }, themeC: { baseColor:'#FFF',
activeColor:'#4f94fa', fontColor:'#333', }, themeD: { baseColor:'#FFF',
activeColor:'#4f94fa', fontColor:'#333', }, }
Read local or remote style data , adopt changeStyle To modify , The specific realization depends on individual needs

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