lately , Some netizens revealed that , Wechat in the latest beta , Added the own input method . As long as in the wechat settings , You can find the “ Wechat keyboard ” Plug in for , When chatting on wechat , The input method of wechat will be called to input the problem .

   For this improvement , Many friends have a question mark , Is the built-in input method ineffective or the third-party input method ineffective , A chat
App, It's not necessary to reinvent the wheel ? Why does wechat develop its own input method ? Let's talk about it .


   Wechat internal test added its own keyboard

   Why should wechat be its own input method ?

   According to wechat , Wechat has its own keyboard . According to media reports , Zhang Xiaolong said that wechat didn't want to be an input method , However, many users complained that their chat records were stolen , Because the input will see the corresponding advertising . Zhang Xiaolong explained , Wechat does not save chat records , Wechat also stipulates that anyone who reads a user's chat record will be dismissed .

   Is this explanation reliable ? I think it is reasonable . Input method is used as the channel for users to type information , Naturally, it has the ability to spy on users' information . Many friends have given feedback in recent years , E-commerce platform began to push what they wanted for no reason , Even suspect that there is
App Recording eavesdropping in the background , But this is probably related to the disclosure of personal information by input method .

   Will input methods really steal privacy ?

   actually , Input method will leak personal information , This is a common sense . Modern input methods generally have the function of networking , To achieve thesaurus synchronization and even cloud thesaurus , This kind of function from the mechanism , It will upload the words and sentences you input to the cloud . If the service provider of input method wants to spy on users , I have the ability to do it .

   Cloud thesaurus and other functions have become the standard of the third-party input method

   In this regard , Privacy focused platform , All of them regulate the input method to a certain extent . Apple, for example iOS
In a long time , Third party input methods are not allowed , Now even if the entrance of the third-party input method is opened , However, access to the password box is not allowed by default , Prohibit network access and snooping context . Android is weak in this aspect , However, the native Android system enables third-party input method , There are also hints that personal data may be collected .

   Android will alert you to the risks of using third-party input methods

   in addition to , Some highly security oriented
App, Third party input methods will also be restricted . For example, some mobile banking clients , When you enter a password, you call your own keyboard , Instead of using the default input method of the current system , To prevent key information such as passwords from being spied .
This time, wechat comes with its own keyboard , It seems that the importance of security has been raised to mobile banking App One level , Is this necessary ? Leave it to the user to comment .

   How to prevent input method from stealing privacy ?

   Input methods do have the ability to pry into privacy , So how should we guard against it ? Here's some experience .

  - Use the system's own input method . Compared with the third party input method , The system's own input method is often less complicit with the promotion platform . for example iOS
Built in input method , There's not even networking like cloud input . But it also needs to be noted , Some systems have their own input methods, which are customized from a third party , There is also the possibility of divulging personal information .

  - Forbid the third party to input key permissions . If you think third-party input method is indispensable , This kind of method can be used . For example, in iOS
In the system , Do not open full access to input methods , In Android system, the input method can be disabled , Or get your ID ( It is usually manifested as obtaining telephone authority ).

   Carefully open full access to input method

  - Use more credible input methods . For example, you can use an input method without networking , Or do not open the input method of the cloud thesaurus , Cloud synchronization . Another idea is to use the input method of not doing business in China , For example, Google's
Gboard wait .


   in general , The mechanism of input method itself determines that it can spy on user information , After joining the networking function , There is a risk of privacy leakage . The comprehensive experience of the third-party input method is still higher than that of the self-contained input method , And cloud related functions can really greatly improve the user experience , How to balance convenience and safety ? I'm afraid it's a question worthy of deep thinking .

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