today , A new organization —— Sustainable social value division was born in Tencent . About this architecture upgrade ,Pony,Martin
General Office of Tencent , A letter was sent to Tencent people all over the world . In the letter , They reviewed their experience in the company 23 In the course of growing up , How to integrate Xiangshan into Tencent's gene .

  “2002 At the beginning of the year , We took the old computers out of the warehouse and renovated them , To the children in the mountains , Help those in need , This is our most simple belief ;2008
year , Facing Wenchuan earthquake , We play the role of Internet social platform in network mobilization , Stimulate the upsurge of public welfare and the power of voluntary service ; COVID-19 erupted last year , Tencent people don't care about gains and losses , Go all out to fight the epidemic , Developing digital war products , Once again, it opens the boundaries of our thinking .”

   today , We will promote sustainable social value innovation , And “ Rooted in consumer Internet , Embrace industrial Internet ” Together into our core strategy , Become the base of Tencent's development .

   This is a new exploration and experiment . Tencent or that Tencent , Tencent is a new Tencent .

   The following is the full text of the employee letter :

   Dear Tencent people :

   hello everyone ! Two years ago , Tencent corporate culture upgrade , We have a new mission vision : User oriented , Science and technology for the better . from that time on , We've been thinking : How to better implement the mission of science and technology ?2020
Years of war opened the boundary of our thinking .

   After the outbreak of COVID-19 , The company responded spontaneously for the first time , Regardless of gain or loss , Go all out to fight the epidemic . Colleagues took the initiative to raise materials around the world , Go to the front line to help doctors and nurses , Developing digital war products . Health code , Tencent Medical Dictionary , Tencent Conference , Online education , Wechat coupons, etc , Protect life safety in the whole process , Help to resume work and production . Later “ Fight with one heart ” In recognition , We saw the longest list of winners since the company was founded ——95
A team , near 12000 People were commended , The actual participation of anti epidemic colleagues is far more than that .

   Team by team , Story after story , We read it word by word , Deeply shocked , be greatly touched , We can also learn from it .

   We have seen the passion of the whole company at the critical moment , Creativity and volunteerism ; We have seen the industrial Internet capabilities that have grown up in recent years , Integrate into various industries like water , Urgent need of society , Meeting the needs of people's livelihood ; We also see people's higher expectations for the technology platform , The endless desire for a better life , We also see the direction of our future development .

   When we upgraded our culture and values two years ago , We said : Technology is an ability , To be good is a choice . Looking back 23 The course of growth in 2000 , Xiangshan has been integrated into the gene of Tencent .

   When the company “ Create value for users ” As the foundation of life , The seeds of serving society have been planted .2002
year , The company is still starting a business , We started doing public welfare : impecuniosity , Get old computers out of the warehouse and renovate them , To the children in the mountains ;2007
year , Establish the first public welfare organization of Internet in China —— Tencent Charity Foundation , Thus, the world's largest online donation information platform was built ; We take the lead in promoting barrier free technology in China , Insist on protecting users' privacy , Protecting minors from Internet Addiction .

  2012 After the implementation of the open platform strategy in , Tencent gives half its life to its partners , Create value for partners , The radius of serving society has become larger ;2018
The company embraces industrial Internet , Further expand the depth and breadth of social services .

   Along the way , Our understanding of social responsibility has risen from user value to social value , Further develop to sustainable social value . We feel it deeply : An enterprise is growing up , The more the foundation of creating social value is needed , Deeper and more stable .

   Now? , stay 2018
Proposed by the company in “ Rooted in consumer Internet , Embrace industrial Internet ” On the basis of , We are willing to go further —— take “ Promoting sustainable social value innovation ” Into the company's core strategy , Become the base of the company's development together , Lead all core businesses , Fully implement the mission of science and technology to be good .

   This is an important decision , Also from 930 Since the reform , Another strategic upgrade .

   Sustainable social value innovation in our understanding , It is a major issue under the new development pattern , The mission is to make science and technology better , Through scientific and technological innovation , Product innovation , Model innovation , Explore high quality , The path of sustainable development , Sharing social value , Promoting social welfare , And take this as the primary goal of organizational development .

   That means , No matter the company's business is to serve users , Or customers , We should take sustainable social value innovation as the direction , The goal is to create greater social well-being . All core businesses should integrate this concept into their development plans , Continuous innovation , Science and technology for the better .

   In order to make this strategic upgrading have a solid landing support , The company decided to upgrade the original public welfare related organizational structure , establishment “ Sustainable social value division ”(Sustainable Social Value
Organization, abbreviation

   The new division will become the core engine of the company's sustainable social value innovation . one side , We upgrade the traditional way of public welfare to pay equal attention to public welfare donation and sustainable creation , Through core competence , Input of talents and resources , Take advantage of our digital technology and platform , Practice sustainable social value innovation ; on the other hand ,SSV
It will also link the company's products , Business , Form mutual support , Division of forces , Firmly rooted pattern of social value innovation .

   As the core strategy of the company , Promoting social value innovation , It's not just SSV
This is the goal of a business unit , Every Tencent person has the responsibility to practice and implement . In order to make social value innovation more sustainable , We decided , In addition to upgrading the organization , Input technology , Beyond product and operational power , Initial investment 500
RMB100mn , In basic science , Educational innovation , rural vitalization , Carbon neutralization ,FEW( food , Energy and water ), Public emergency , Social value innovation will be promoted in pension technology and public welfare digitization .

   We believe , This strategic upgrade , It will be like every change in the history of the company , Expanding the boundaries of development , Driving the evolution of the company .

   from 1998
Since the establishment of the company in , We have always made integrity our core value , No matter what the challenge is , Never waver . Insistence on integrity , It has attracted a group of fellow travelers with the same values , It also helps us to reflect on ourselves , Reflection and good , From a small seedling to a big tree .
“ Rooted in consumer Internet , Embrace industrial Internet , Promoting sustainable social value innovation ”, Will help us breathe and share our destiny with the land that nourishes us , Leading the company to a broader future .

   This is a new topic , It is also a new exploration and experiment . The future is promising , The road is blocked and long , Every colleague in the company should make up his mind , Change your mind , go to all lengths , Initiative creation . On the innovation of sustainable social value , Our commitment is no ceiling , For individuals and teams who can do something , We fully support it .

   We look forward to it , In the process of exploring long-term social value , Open up a new pattern of sustainable development . We hope so, too , Through everyone's efforts and creation , The foundation of the company's social value , Deeply rooted in the social soil , Continuously respond to the needs of the country and the times , Symbiosis with the developing society , Kyoei .

   Let's put in new creation together !

  Pony,Martin With the General Office

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