vlookup Should be excel There are many functions used in , I just got in touch excel When I was young , Anyway, I think this function is very magical , It saves a lot of things .
But after a long time, I found that vlookup There are too many restrictions ...

* The first pain point : Only to the right --> look for , If you want to look to the left , The most stupid way is to find out what you are looking for column Copy it to the left , That's what I'm like anyway . that match ,
index The combination of , I haven't remembered it yet |||
* The second biggest pain point : Only one project can be found , If there are double or multiple conditions , It's like an array , bar ?
* Third pain point :excel If the watch is too big , It's time to wait , Move the mouse a little , It could crash , Then repeatedly shut down the boot restart , Mainly rely on rp.

So I just got in touch python The first thing I want to explore is python Can it be realized excel. Now I'm going to make a grand science popularization python How did it happen , Let us feel that python It's more practical , Learn step by step .

The first step , from anaconda open python

Step two , input import pandas as pd Then enter

pandas It's a third-party library , For the moment, it can be understood as a tool library for us to invert tables . Basically excel The usual operations , stay python Just use this in it .

The third step , Make two forms by yourself , For the convenience of reading , I typed Chinese in some places , Whatever you want .

Just remember python I care about case ,name and Name It's not the same thing . After entering the carriage return, it will automatically go to the next line .pd.DateFrame It means to produce a table in brackets .

Step four , use mergy; Even if I didn't touch it at all python, from merge English in that line , How much can you guess is by name tableB The content of the tableA What do you mean .

* If tableC It's a mess “ Lao Wang ”, What is the effect ,

Lao Wang is gone , The reason is because of me merge My condition is only to find tableA yes , we have , Because I used it how = 'left', You can try various combinations .
Tips :how Can be equal to left, right, inner, outer

* If ,hobby stay name To the left of ,merge I don't care about that at all , We can still find out , That's the solution excel vlookup I can only look for the pain point on the right

The result is the same

* Again if , One might ask if there are other columns in the second table , What will the effect be , You can try it first .

The result should be like this ,

Homework, You can feel for yourself how='left' / 'right' / 'inner' / 'outer' The difference between .

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