python regular expression (re modular )

What is regular expression

regular expression (Regular
Expression) It's a text mode , Include normal characters ( for example ,a reach z Letters between ) And special characters ( be called " Metacharacter "). Regular expressions are described by a string , Matches a series of strings that match a syntax rule .

Introduction to regular characters

Common characters

Normal characters include all printable and unprintable characters that are not displayed as metacharacters . This includes all upper and lower case letters , All numbers , All punctuation and some other symbols

Special characters

Nonprinting characters

Nonprinting characters can also be part of regular expressions .


Three important concepts of quantifier

greedy ( greedy ) as "*" character , Greedy quantifiers match the entire string first , When trying to match , It selects as much content as possible , If it fails, one character is backed back , Then try again , The process of backtracking is called backtracking , It goes back one character at a time , Until a match is found or no characters can be rolled back . Compared with the following two greedy quantifiers, the consumption of resources is the largest .

lazy ( reluctantly ) as "?", Lazy quantifiers are matched in another way , It tries to match from the start of the target , Check each character , And find what it wants to match , Loop until the end of the string .

Possession as "+", Possessive quantifiers are like greedy quantifiers , It will choose as much content as possible , Then try to find a match , But it only tries once , I can't go back . It's like grabbing a rock first , Then pick out the gold from the stone .

re Common function in module


Compiling regular expression patterns , Returns the schema of an object .( You can compile some common regular expressions into regular expression objects , This can improve efficiency ).


pattern: The expression string used at compile time .

flags: Compilation flag bit , Used to modify regular expressions , as : Is it case sensitive , Multi line matching, etc . frequently-used flags yes :

pattern The common methods of object are :match(),search(),finall(),finder(),split(),sub(),subn().

(1)match() method

This method is used to find the header of a string , It just finds a matching result and returns it .( This method is not a perfect match . When pattern At the end, if string And the remaining characters , Still considered a success . Want a perfect match , You can add a boundary match at the end of the expression '$').

explain :string Is the string to be matched ,pos and endpos Specifies the start and end positions of the string , When not specified is , By default, the match starts from the head , When the match is successful , return Match object .

count Used to specify the number of substitutions

Some points for attention

1,re.match And  And re.findall  The difference between :

re.match Matches only the beginning of the string , If the beginning of the string does not conform to the regular expression , The matching failed , Function return None; and Matches the entire string , Until a match is found .re.findall Returns all matching results .

2, Greedy matching and non greedy matching

*,+,? It's all greedy matching , That is to match as many as possible , Add after ? Make it

Inert matching .

be careful : If there are restrictions before and after , There is no greedy model , Unmatched mode failure .

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