<>Mr, How to learn & expect

<> one , introduce oneself to

A freshman majoring in computer science from Anhui Province , Although it's a computer major , But at the beginning, I didn't have a clear plan for computers , At that time, I only thought about how to brush high GPA and how to improve my ranking , But ignore the real role of the University , Master a technology , A technology that you can use for yourself , When I realized that , I'm very glad , It's not too late , I still have a lot of time to really learn computer technology , It's no longer mechanical learning to cope with exams , At the same time, it also encourages the planning of time and the allocation of learning time , In order to realize the University goal in my heart and master the computer programming for my own use .

<> two , The goal of programming

Now I face the programming mentality is no longer the past for the GPA and rote blind mentality , But with a real grasp of the mentality , I'm not satisfied with the lack of technology , I don't feel inferior , What's more, because of the lack of technology now, I have higher requirements for myself in the future , The expectation to oneself is also higher , I hope I can achieve that gorgeous transformation , In terms of specific goals , I hope I can become a teacher “ On one side ” People in the world , Can undertake project independently , Planning content, etc .
<> three , How to learn programming and achieve goals

Planning for learning programming , I will use the Internet resources + Classic books on computer programming languages +CSDN And other resources are used to learn programming methods and ideas , Learning does not focus on the length of time, but on the understanding of methods and thinking and the output of knowledge in the face of problems , So the time can be short or long , Time is important , The consumption of time is the most basic proof of learning programming , But that doesn't mean that “ It takes a long time ”=“ Good at programming ”, So in the future programming learning to understand , Summarize again , Emphasis on practice , Export your knowledge , Flexible use of Feynman technique , To achieve your goals .

<> four , Companies looking forward to the future

Hope is a way to realize one's own value , Companies with the same ideological value , Now I am looking forward to Huawei , Maybe it's because of our national pride , Or maybe it's because Huawei feels more frustrated and more brave in the face of sanctions , More and more upward spirit , Maybe it's because of that song 《Dream
is possible》 The touch of the song , Now I am looking forward to Huawei , I hope I can achieve the goal I have written down in three or six years .

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