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A compiler that runs in a computer environment , Can be compiled in another environment to run the code , We call this compiler a cross compiler , This compilation process is called cross compilation .

To put it simply , Is to generate executable code on one platform on another
. Here we need to pay attention to the so-called platform , There are actually two concepts : Architecture (Architecture), operating system (Operating
System). The same architecture can run different operating systems ; same , The same operating system can also run on different architectures . for instance , We often say that x86
Linux The platform is actually Intel x86 Architecture CPU and Linux for x86 General name of operating system ; and x86 WinXP The platform is actually Intel
x86 Architecture and WinXP for x86 Short for operating system .

To cross compile , We need to install the corresponding cross compiler tool chain on the host platform (cross compilation
toolchain), Then use this cross compiler tool chain to compile our source code , Finally, the code that can run on the target platform is generated .
Cross compilers all rely on cross toolchain , Customized according to the model of your development board and other parameters .

Compiler chain commonly used are :buildroot and crosstool-ng


qmake Based on the project file makefile file ,(.pro file ) The project file is created by the developer .
If it is in windows Use under VS development , First of all, we should qmake The environment variable for is set to win32-msvc.

pro Files are used to tell you qmake How to generate makefile. For example, what are the source files and header files of the project , The specific configuration of the application , For example, additional libraries that need to be linked , Or an additional include path , These should be in the project file .
General default compilation QT The project process is :
qmake xxx.pro // generate makefile file ( Transplanted qt) make // Compile to generate executable file ( generate arm Executable file under development board )

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