There is no road in the world , When more people walk, it becomes a road .IT So is training !
These years , The explosive development of Internet , Promoted the birth of countless programmers , It also promoted the birth of a large number of children IT Training institutions .
In just a few years , The number of programmers with professional background and those with training institution background increases exponentially .

About the difference between them , My point is that programmers are not identified .

Some people do , Because companies give programmers different treatment according to this classification , Especially for companies with profound system concept .

If we have to arrange the order , I put ability first .

Ability comes first , What attracts the boss , It must be that I will do more than others , I learn faster than others !

If compared with those computer professional better school , They're interested in algorithms , data structure , Operating system and other computer related content have been understood . And most of the students in these schools have strong learning ability , Have the energy to learn , Have formed a good habit of learning programming .
The study of principal's time in school , They have mastered very good programming thinking .
Most of them are as good as the students in the training class !

If compared with ordinary school background , This kind of school's so-called professional programmer , It's not as good as training , Because the school is not good , So the learning situation of the whole school is relatively poor .

Students play more games , There are very few people who can really learn , Students themselves don't like learning , I can't learn anything in school . So if they don't make good use of their time in school to learn more after class knowledge , I can't find a job as a programmer after graduation .

At this time, the students in the training class are much better than them , Any student who is willing to attend the training class will be worthy of this 2 Ten thousand yuan for tuition , So most people will study hard , Some people with strong learning ability , You'll still find a job with a good salary .

also , Training belongs to vocational education , Pay more attention to practice , People with training background are closer to the workplace , And people with professional background pay more attention to theoretical education , Long cycle , Slow effect , Solid foundation but weak practical ability .

If you feel like you're in a fake university or you're in a limited school , No job , Want to be a programmer ; perhaps , Do you think programmers look tall , I want to do it ; perhaps , You love coding …… Training institutions are the best choice .

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