We've seen this news more than once , No matter what vivo The concept machine that must be launched every year
APEX, Or Xiaomi's four surface concept machine , They all set the ultimate goal of mobile phone form development as 「 Perfect without opening 」 The integrated form of the Internet .

   However, this is the current mobile phone development path , A form most likely to be the final answer , And almost all manufacturers are aware of this problem .

  OPPO It has also been revealed recently , He said he had made a prototype without holes in the laboratory , In addition, the cable charging interface is reserved with special structure design .

   In fact, as early as 2007 Years ago , Apple has a full body engineering machine without any openings and buttons , However, the technical level at that time could not make such a product .

   The development trend of mobile phone in recent years has made us feel it , In the foreseeable future , Mobile phones will certainly develop towards such integration .

   From the early stage, the form of function machine is different : Flap , Slide cover , Even spinning , Later, touch screen + Key . Today's full screen era of smart computers , Remove the headphone hole , Hide the sensor under the screen , Then go to the camera under the screen , We're moving away from that 「 Ultimate form 」 It's getting closer .

   How is the interface on the mobile phone killed step by step ?

   Although the current mass production machine has not been able to do 「 No opening 」, But in order to make the 「 hole 」 Less , Manufacturers take these interfaces on mobile phones first 「 surgery 」.

   The first is the disappearance of headphone holes , This antique has been active since we were born , It's so easy to be killed iPhone 7
On the phone 「 eliminate 」 It's over , Now, if you want to use a wired headset, you can only plug it in Lighting/Type-C On the interface .

   From the earliest in the early generation of Sony Walkman Walkman On board , This is universal 3.5mm The audio interface already exists in electronic devices 40
many years . Almost all headphones , This interface is used in audio and various devices that can play music , Its versatility has always been incomparable .

   But now , It's very difficult to find a product with headphone hole in today's mobile phone market . Even with headphone holes , Most of these products are just entry-level products in mobile phones , The latest flagship models have all cancelled this interface , It's Sony that's left to stick to that 「 faith 」.

   There are different opinions on the reasons why cell phone manufacturers cancel headphone holes , Whether it's waterproof or not , Data interface or better sound quality are actually untenable reasons , But now look back , Maybe this is just the only way for mobile phone integration and pore free —— Wireless .

   From wired phone to mobile phone , This is probably the earliest 「 Wireless 」, There will be antennas later 「 mobile phone 」 and 「 PHS 」 The antenna is built into the body of the mobile phone , It's upgrading from wireless to integrated . The next wireless object , It's the last interface on the phone —— Charging interface .

   The two main functions of this interface are , One is charging , The second is data transmission . If it's transmitted , current Wi-Fi 6E and 5G It's close to the wire . And wireless charging power has also broken through 67
W, Even the actual charging time , It's the same as wired charging . Although the current wireless charging is only close contact , Long distance wireless charging can only be realized in the laboratory , But if we solve the problem of energy loss in the future , Wireless charging will be more practical than it is now , We have no reason to use cable charging .

   therefore , It is technically feasible to remove the charging interface . But wireless charger is not as popular as wired charging , Once there is no wireless charger around, it is difficult to charge in an emergency . Wait until the day when high-power wireless charging becomes popular , Maybe some manufacturers will dare to completely cut off the charging interface , Before that, even if 「 Cut it off 」 It should just hide the interface .

   At the beginning 「 Removing holes 」 before , Mobile phone manufacturers are already moving forward 「 integrated 」 I tried

   Don't mention the cell phone that needs antenna, which is too old , In the era of function computer, the ubiquitous entity keyboard gradually lost its use after the appearance of touch screen . Whether it's the number keys and the screen , Or is the sliding cover hidden inside the fuselage , In the evolution of mobile phones into smart phones in the historical process of gradual extinction , Even the representative of the physical keyboard —— BlackBerry has also completely withdrawn from the stage of history .

   As early as iPhone At the beginning of its birth , Apple has already started to use the integrated body design of non removable battery , At that time, the trend of the integration of the whole fuselage without holes was beginning to appear .

   The benefits of the non removable back cover can make the whole integration of the mobile phone higher , So you can plug a bigger battery inside the limited fuselage , It can also effectively control the thickness and weight while the screen is getting bigger and bigger .

   And the buttons on the front of the phone , Android companies cancel more than iPhone Earlier .

   As early as Galaxy Nexus This generation of Google has made such an attempt , take Android 3.0 
The virtual key of mobile phone is transplanted from tablet , Although not all Android manufacturers have followed up this design , But before the full screen era , This has always been the most mainstream operation mode of mobile phones .

   Apple is on the other side iPhone 7 A concave hole is used on the surface 「 fictitious Home
key 」, The vibration of linear motor is used to simulate the feeling of pressing down , It's true . There are quite a few users who never find it iPhone 7 On Home The key can't be pressed , They've always thought that their  
iPhone After shutdown Home The key will lock .

   After that, we are most familiar with it 「 Full screen 」 The time has come , Mobile phone manufacturers don't just want to get rid of the interface , Remove the key , Even want to remove all the openings completely . As if who made the first decision 「 all blend into one harmonious whole 」 My mobile phone , Who can be on the phone 「 Full screen Era 」 Get the first mover advantage , Get tickets for the next era .

   The manufacturers first came up with the idea of the side volume button ,Mate 30 Pro
Virtual volume key is used , Curved screen with high curvature , The virtual key is designed in the traditional volume key position . Double click , Can exhale volume adjustment , Slide up and down to adjust the volume .

   In order to give users a feedback , Huawei also uses the vibration of a linear motor when users adjust the volume . Although it is difficult to simulate the actual feeling of pressing the volume key , But the feeling of sliding up and down is very much like waving a gear , It's also intuitive for users 「 know 」 I'm adjusting the volume .

  vivo NEX 3 This design is also adopted , Even the power button is directly abandoned , Direct use 「 Pressure sensitive key 」+
Linear motor analog entity button . however , In order to complete the entity key simulation , Also in the pressure-sensitive button to insert 7 Two sensors and independent circuits , Ensure the normal use of both power on and power off .

   To get rid of a button , But in a more complicated way 「 Simulate it 」, This is not a long-term solution after all . This kind of design is not followed up by many manufacturers . Want to remove the side button , It may be too early .

   What's left on the phone 「 hole 」, Can you get rid of them all ?

   In fact, no hole mobile phone is only technically speaking , Now the technology level has been able to remove most of the openings . It's just that a lot of them don't have holes 「 Alternative technology 」 The experience is not good enough , That's how it goes to the market , It's hard to persuade users to buy such a product at a higher price that may experience degradation .

   From the era of full screen , What we want to solve most 「 hole 」, It's actually the front camera . And the light next to it , Distance sensor manufacturers have long been able to put them under the screen .

   Whether it's a 「 Bangs 」 Smaller , Or is it a lifting mechanism , They all want to reduce the front area as much as possible , Even hidden , Achieve perfect full screen .

   With the advent of off screen camera technology , Now we really have a way to get it 「 hide 」 I have got up .

   ZTE Axon 20 Is the first mass production of the screen camera model . But it's not perfect , Whether it's the screen strobe in the camera area , Or lower resolution , Remind users all the time , There's also a camera here .

   in fact , Now that's why it's over , Mainstream manufacturers still have no real off screen camera products on the market , It's just one of the reasons for the release of engineering prototypes and concept machines .

   As for the post shot , One plus Concept One
Concept machine's electrochromic technology can also completely hide its appearance . However, the problem of camera bulge may lead to the mobile phone can not use too thick image module , Otherwise, the thickness of the fuselage may make people unable to look directly at it .

   As for loudspeakers and earphones , You can use screen sound technology , Using exciter to make the screen vibrate instead of the sound unit , This is a technology that has been widely proven . Or bone conduction , Or something like that MIX
A new generation of cantilever piezoelectric ceramics , In a word, it's not difficult to make a sound without opening a hole on a mobile phone .

   But how to hide the microphone is a difficulty , Want to deliver sound , It's hard to do without opening , However, semi permeable membrane technology to make the naked eye invisible but breathable tiny holes may be able to solve this problem .

   Another difficulty is the development of mobile phones SIM It's stuck in the slot , But it's not a technical problem , It's about the interests of operators ,eSIM Technology is so mature today , Which manufacturer can persuade operators to jointly launch eSIM
mobile phone , Which manufacturer is likely to make a real no hole mobile phone first .

   It's just that , Off screen camera , Pressure sensitive button , Screen sound , Hidden microphone these immature technologies are all concentrated on one product , The actual experience is still unknown .

   Will the next form of mobile phone after the completion of non porous be screen extension ?

   At present, the trend of mobile phone development is to realize in the foreseeable future 「 True full screen 」, The next stage may be 「 True no hole mobile phone 」. however , After all these goals have been achieved , Will the development of mobile phones stop ?

   Of course not , The whole history of mobile phones is that the screen of mobile phones is getting bigger and bigger , The history of higher and higher proportion of screen . Wait until the screen is full of the front of the phone , next step , It may be that the screen is further expanded .

   We've heard the first thing Android
Manufacturers have already started 「 Next stage 」 The exploration of mobile phone form , Folding screen , Scroll screen , Splicing screen …… They've tried everything flexible screens can do , But which is the future direction of mobile phone ?

   And the most stable Apple seems to be in no hurry , perhaps iPhone The final form of the mobile phone is a complete one 「 Glass 」, It's like a trisomy 「 Water drop 」, There is no flaw .

   It's hard to say what the future of mobile phones will be like , Maybe it's a folding screen , Or scroll screen is another way to expand the mobile phone screen , Or Apple's idea of a perfectly integrated mobile phone . of course , In the future, mobile phones will develop into something that we can't imagine now, and we don't know what it will look like .

   however , Far sighted manufacturers should have already started to prepare , maybe , They all have one in their lab that they understand 「 Mobile phones of the future 」 What about it .

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