<> Junior , A little sense , Just for mutual encouragement

An ordinary junior , Or mechanical professional .
No internship , There's nothing offer, There is no economic freedom .
But I still have a passion for technology , How to use it opencv Turn on the computer camera, suddenly saw his handsome face from the screen , Then one hair uncontrollable embarked on the procedure ape's road .

<> A little recent

First of all, let's take a look at the fire I just started school , There are three blisters on the left, middle and right of the lip , There are several mouth sores in the mouth , There's a bump on the bridge of the nose … …

Recently my 【 Hand tearing algorithm 】 It's been a few weeks since the column stopped , I wanted to write this column a long time ago , But before the level of garbage , Mechanical , The programming level is poor , Many image processing algorithms understand the principle, but can not write code , Winter vacation at home 【 Data structure and algorithm 】, Just started updating this column .

Eight articles have been updated , I was going to continue to improve the image inpainting algorithm , Because I took over an image restoration project before , This kind of algorithm is familiar , Because of a big brother's need , I wrote a little tool for him , Used to do perspective conversion of paddy field painting :

For three days , School will start soon after writing , I've been busy with school , After the beginning of school, they began to supplement computer networks and databases , So it's been delayed .

【 Hand tearing algorithm 】 Let's take time to update the column .

<> A little feeling

Probably because of the epidemic , It led to my fast college life , The progress of technology learning is also much slower , As a freshman, I feel very strong , And then I became more and more aware of the food , Especially close to employment , I've been in College for three years , Why are you still eating this kind of food ?

I think that my college time is more substantial , But there are still many detours , If we do it again , Absolutely can do better .

Most of these detours are spent on exploring learning directions , Although there are senior students , But everyone's way is different , Look at this , Learn that , I feel that I lack some ability , But I don't know , No one told you how to fix it , I don't even know what the lack is . Lead to learn this , Look at that , In order to achieve their goals .

So graduate students have mentors , There are senior brothers in the same direction as the laboratory , We can make progress quickly , There are few detours .

But I'm going to work directly , What can we do , It's about taking every step , Try to get to the right way .

in addition , In games and events , I feel like I've done a lot of useless work , Wasted a lot of energy and time .

For example, I took part in the National Undergraduate Electronic Design Competition in my freshman summer vacation , Through the summer school training, I feel really benefited , The growth of technology is particularly high , Although in the end it was a province , But it is still of great significance .

But the mechanical innovation design competition , Although I was lucky enough to get the first grade of the country , But it doesn't have much effect on the growth of technology .

Although the seventh steamed bread is full, it can not be said that the first six are useless , But I still feel it , It's better to touch less in some unnecessary events ( It's hard to predict in advance the value of the game or event ), The game is not the end , Technology is fundamental .

Learning is learning step by step , But progress can't progress a little bit . Technological progress should be stepped , If you can't make breakthrough progress after studying , Then the effect of this learning is extremely small .

At least this year's you and last year's you , There should be a step difference ?

Maybe Xiuxian read too many novels , I think life is a way to cultivate immortals , The same ruthless battlefield , A mountain of the same bones ( It's actually a volume ). Every skill learned , It's all a secret method and combat power .

And everyone has his own way , But too many people can't find their own way . Find what you love , And surpass everyone in their own field , Then you will be the supreme .

Post an article about Tang Dynasty · Han Yu's 《 Ancient and modern sages : encourage learning 》, Hope for mutual encouragement .

Dead wood in spring , No man is young twice . Never grow old, never succeed , Be afraid to be young but not to learn .

The waves behind push the waves ahead , The present is better than the past . If you waste your time , To old empty stay regret heart .

Ambition is not in high school , A hundred years without ambition . do not exert oneself in youth , The old man is sad .

study hard , make progress every day . unremittingly , Long time refining into steel .

Three hundred and sixty lines , No. 1 in business . Ice is born in water and cold in water , Blue is better than blue .

When it comes to applying book learning one wishes one had read more. , It's hard not to know what happened .

I'm afraid I can't move , I'm afraid not . The more you use your hands, the more skillful you are , The more you use your brain, the more smart it is .

Fishing in three days , Two days in the sun , be of two minds , Nothing .

One day practice , A day's work , One day without practice, ten days without practice .

The Boxer , practice singing all the time . If a knife is not worn, it will rust , We should lag behind if we don't learn .

The book mountain has the road of diligence , Learning is boundless, making a boat .

Master leads in , Practice in oneself . skill comes from practice , efficiency comes from diligence .


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