today , Let's talk about the Blue Bridge Cup . What is the Blue Bridge Cup ? take it easy , I'll come and answer your questions .IT
Students of related majors , Don't miss it , The Blue Bridge Cup competition can help you pave the way for your career .


<> one .  Introduction to the Blue Bridge Cup

Blue Bridge Cup national software and information technology professionals competition , It is a national conference held by the talent exchange center of the Ministry of industry and information technology IT Subject events . whole country 1200 More than ten universities participated in the competition , More than 40
ten thousand people . The Blue Bridge Cup competition has been listed in the list issued by China Higher Education Association for two consecutive years “ Ranking list of national university discipline competition ”
, It is an important competition project for the reform of education and teaching and the cultivation of innovative talents in Colleges and universities . Comprehensive evaluation of College Students , scholarship assessment , Entering a higher school and taking the postgraduate entrance examination are helpful to some extent .

The competition consists of three competition groups , Individual competition - Software , Individual competition - Electronics , And the visual arts competition . One of them is individual competition - The competition subjects of software include C/C++ Programming ,Java software development ,Python
Programming . What is the registration time for the 12th Blue Bridge Cup this year 2020 year 12 month -2021 year 3 month ,4 Monthly provincial competition ,5 National Games of the moon .

The Blue Bridge Cup competition has been held successfully 11 session , Become the leading talent training and selection mode in China , And highly recognized by the industry and enterprises , The gold content also increased year by year , Mainly reflected in :

*     The title of Blue Bridge Cup is highly professional , The degree of specialization and difficulty has been comparable with the well-known international and domestic programming competitions .
*     The participation of double first-class universities is increasing year by year , In the latest third 11 Blue Bridge Cup competition as an example , The contestants from the two top universities are nearly 10000 name ;
*     More and more professional top players , Follow up visits to competitors over the years , Discover the competition players and ACM High overlap of competitors , The winner takes all .

two . Benefits of participating in the Blue Bridge Cup

university , It's the most beautiful and important time in life . At University , Some people experience pallor , Some people have rich experience , Is it pale or rich , It depends on people's choice . If you are IT
Students in the same class , that , I suggest you get to know and take part in the Blue Bridge Cup . Since I suggest that , That must make sense , such as :

1. Can enrich their own university experience

Some people , Lost direction and fighting spirit in University , muddle along without any aim , I vowed to do it IT Related fields , It turns out that , It's about playing games , I found out before graduation , I have learned very little .
And the Blue Bridge Cup , It just allows you to enrich your college experience , No waste of professional , it ' s a rewarding trip .

2. Can provide their own strength and level

Many students are very motivated , But I don't know how to work . that , Blue Bridge Cup competition , Can give you a good direction , Let you in a competitive atmosphere , Leading you forward . Through the competition , Constantly test and improve themselves , After setbacks and twists and turns , get ahead , The experience , Especially precious .

3. It can pave the way for future career

Everyone is going to apply for a job , In the interview , The most taboo is , I can't get my experience and achievements , Unable to impress the interviewer and the company . Some people in the interview , I only say that I like learning , But there was no evidence . contrary , If you take part in a competition like the Blue Bridge Cup , Success is good , Failure is good , At least , You've got one more stepping stone than others , The interviewer will also look at you with new eyes .



<> three . Blue Bridge Cup and ACM A comparison of

Brief introduction of the next Blue Bridge Cup competition and competition ACM The difference between . One watch is worth a thousand words , Let's have a look :


Blue Bridge Cup


Team form

Individual competition


Form of competition system



Grouping form

Graduate group ,A group ,B group ,C group

Unified competition among schools

Length of competition

4 hour

5 hour

Topic type

Fill in the blanks + Programming questions

Programming questions

Official website address



The Blue Bridge Cup is individual , The grouping form of the Blue Bridge Cup , I think it's very creative . For example, individual competition software is divided into graduate group , university A group ( Key undergraduate group ), university B group ( General undergraduate group ), university C
group ( Higher vocational group ). This allows people at different levels to , In different competitive channels , Some students of average level , Don't worry about being crushed by the gods .
This is also conducive to more people actively participate in the game , This is also a highlight of the Blue Bridge Cup competition .

ACM It's a team game , It takes three people to work together , The head is often dominated by top universities like Tsinghua University and Zhejiang University . Well known student Lou , namely ACM The best .ACM The competition is ACM
system , The questions will only be given points if they are completely passed , The requirement of algorithm is relatively high . Frankly speaking ,ACM It's better for some high-end algorithm geeks .

so , Blue Bridge Cup competition and ACM Competition , each one has his good points . of course , Too much skill does not weigh on the body , You can take part in both events . By comparison , Blue Bridge Cup competition is more grounded , It will cover a wider audience . 



four . Analysis of the real title of Blue Bridge Cup

Prepare for the Blue Bridge Cup , Naturally, it is necessary to analyze the real problems in the past . that , Let's take a look at the second one 11 A question in the 1st Blue Bridge Cup competition , Need to use Python
To program . actually , Language and grammar are only basic , Core or algorithm .

When it comes to this kind of problem , We need to be stable , Don't feel dizzy when you see the topic , How can we do that ? Good attitude , It's a general success . Read the title first , Look at the requirements , And then we started thinking .


Thinking of solving problems :
For this kind of problem , We can see that , step
There is a recursion relationship between them , But for the problem of recursion , The first reaction is recursion . however , it is to be noted that , Recursion is extremely inefficient , It is likely that the performance will not meet the requirements . that , We naturally consider using dynamic programming
(Dynamic Programming). Since it's dynamic programming , Then you need to build state , And then through the recursive logic relationship , List state transition methods , The problem can be solved .

therefore , We define a two-dimensional array dp[i][j], Used to record dynamic state , among ,i Indicates the stage distance ,j For the first time j grid , and dp[i][j] Represents the current number of steps j
Step by step , How many ways can we get there i here . Now? , The state of dynamic programming is defined , How to look at the relationship between state changes ? And look down .

State law :

When the stage length is 1 Time , The first step is 1 Time ,dp[1][1]=1, When the first step is 2 Time ,d[1][2]=0, When the first step is 3 Time ,dp[1][3]=0, When the stage length is 2 Time ,
dp[2][1]=1, When the first step is 2 Time ,dp[2][2] = 1, And when the first step is 3 Time ,dp[2][3]=0.

In the same way , It is possible to deduce others dp Initial value . that , If you jump twice in a row , And the distance between the two jumps is at least p, So what ? We know that ,j It's the first jump ,indexK That's the number one 2
A choice of jumps . therefore , When j>=p There are two situations to discuss , That is, there are two different state transfer equations .

When j>=p , The state transition equation of dynamic programming is :dp[i][j] += dp[i - j][indexK]

When the first time is less than p Time , The state transition equation of dynamic programming is :dp[i][j] += sum(dp[i - j])


Now that the algorithm is clear , So the next step is to use python Language to achieve the above algorithm , After debugging python The procedure is as follows :
#!/usr/bin/python # set the values manually, just for testing k, p, L = 5, 3,
10 cst = 20201114 # core logic : using dynamic programming dp = [[0 for index
in range(k + 1)] for i in range(L + 1)] dp[1][1] = 1 for i in range(2, L + 1):
for j in range(1, k + 1): if i == j: dp[i][j] += 1 elif j >= p: for kIndex in
range(1, p): dp[i][j] += dp[i - j][kIndex] % cst else: dp[i][j] += sum(dp[i -
j]) % cst # result print(sum(dp[L]) % cst)

The result is 397, The result is in accordance with the title . A screenshot of the results is shown below :


<> five . Strategy of preparing for the Blue Bridge Cup

Blue Bridge Cup competition , By this year, it's the third 12
It's a year , The gold content is on the rise , The number of participants is also increasing . I said that , The Blue Bridge Cup is an individual competition , Relatively speaking, the entry threshold is low , The grouping competition system is also more friendly to the contestants . however , That doesn't mean you can rest easy . after all , No one can casually succeed . Strategies and suggestions are as follows :

first , Sign up, of course . Some friends , Well prepared , When you're ready to go to war , Only then discovered forgot to register or missed the registration time . What is the deadline for the 12th Blue Bridge Cup 2021 year 3 month 26
day , If the institution does not organize participation , You can also choose to sign up individually , What is the deadline for individual registration 3 month 23 day , Don't forget to register on the official website . Otherwise, a mistake will lead to resentment , Looking back, it's late autumn .

second , We should fully grasp some languages involved in the contest design , Use some skillfully API, These things , You don't have to memorize ( The competition will provide relevant information API explain ), But there must be a general impression .

third , Algorithms are important , Very important , Very important . I usually can find some algorithm related books to see , The algorithm of common test , Know it like the back of your hand , Only in this way can we be flexible in the competition .

, After understanding the basic algorithm , We still have to fight , Then we have to brush a lot of questions , Brush topic , Brush topic . Blue Bridge Cup Official Website , Only through a large number of brush questions , To draw inferences from one instance , grasp a typical example and you will grasp the whole category , Even if the competition encounters strange problems , I don't worry .


<> six . The conclusion of the Blue Bridge Cup

Life is all kinds of experiences , College is the best stage in life , For being in IT
For the students in the tide , May you live up to your time , Cherish opportunities , Rich experience . Hope the youth with ambition , In the Blue Bridge Cup , A brilliant spark of wisdom .


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