1, In closing redis Error reporting during service
/etc/init.d/redis_6379 restart Stopping ... (error) NOAUTH Authentication
required. Waitingfor Redis to shutdown ... Waiting for Redis to shutdown ...

2, resolvent
(1) close redis Database password
[root@localhost ~]#redis-cli -p 6379> AUTH 123456 OK
6379> config set requirepass (error) ERR Unknown subcommand or wrong number of
argumentsfor 'set'. Try CONFIG HELP.> config set requirepass ''
# The key is to change the blank password OK> quit [root@localhost ~]#/etc/init.d/redis_6379
restart Stopping ... Redis stopped Starting Redis server... [root@localhost ~]#

(2)kil Kill process

I checked to see if the service was still running , Then look at the configuration file , No problem

So I thought kill Forced killing redis service , Turn it on again , Tips /var/run/redis_6379.pid The file exists , delete pid file , Restart service , success

You can log in , But the code's gone

(3) direct rm delete pid file , You can log in , The code is still there

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